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We provide a fully managed live chat service on your website.
Our staff are fully trained in customer service and lead capture.
Reduce your website bounce rate, increase your advertising ROI.

What is live chat monitoring?

Live Chat software has been proven to increase leads and inquiries for websites around the world. But often, the biggest challenge with offering live web chat to your website visitors is how to resource it with staff to ensure you’re always online when your customers need you. During normal business hours is easy, but, what about after hours and on weekends?

Why Outsource Operators?

We provide a fully managed service 24/7 to ensure you’re always online and never miss an opportunity to engage your website visitors.  Capture more leads and reduce your bounce rate with our outsourced agents.

Choosing the right software is important, there are many chat plugins for websites that all offer different features.  Our software has been developed to offer a flexible range of features and our experience operators are expertly trained to ensure we maximise every opportunity to capture new leads for you.


What our clients say

online chat service provider

From the moment I implement LiveChatMonitoring onto my clients’ websites the conversion rate improves dramatically, by over 20%!  The number of leads received early morning and late at night has also increased dramatically due to the amazing customer service the LiveChatMonitoring team deliver to our website visitors.  These are life changing revenue increases for my clients and I urge every business big or small to give it a try, love these guys!

Karen Nelson, Digital Marketer

Proactive Invitations

Set up proactive chat messages based on which page your visitor is looking at in real time.



Our services integrates seamlessly with Facebook Messenger, allowing our team to capture leads 24/7 from your social media pages.


24/7 Live Monitoring

Our expert team monitors your website 24/7 so you never miss an opportunity to engage


Monthly Reporting

Highlight growth areas and see which of your products/services are performing well.


We are at Your Service Supporting Your Clients 24/7

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Amazing Features
24/7 Live Customer Support

Your website never sleeps, and neither do we! When people visit your website outside of normal trading hours, it’s important that they find the answers they need before they give up and search somewhere else. Our agents are online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that we are always available when your website visitors need us.


Chat plugin for website

Self-managed Operators

Do you want your own staff to receive leads during office hours? You can! We can set up our live web chat software for your own staff to log in whenever they are available. Our experienced team can act as backup during your office hours, and then take over when you log off at the end of the day. This flexible approach ensures you’re never offline and always available to assist your website visitors.


Engage your web traffic

According to Fireclick Research, the average retail and eCommerce website converts less than 3% of web traffic to a sale or enquiry.  That means that 97% of your website visitors will leave without making contact!  Live chat software allows these visitors seeking answers from your home page to connect with your business through our experienced operators.  The Live Chat Monitoring team will engage with potential customers 24 hours a day and convert them into leads.


Engage your web traffic

Reduce your CPA
Reduce your Cost per Acquisition (CPA)

Advertising is expensive, and when you spend money to get visitors to visit your website it’s important that you maximize the opportunity to convert as many of them into leads and inquiries as possible. With LiveChatMonitoring on your website, you can connect, engage, and convert more of your website traffic into leads and inquiries. This increases your website’s conversion rate, and reduces your cost per acquisition from paid advertising and Google AdWords.


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