Live Chat Monitoring

Live Chat Monitoring
Your 24/7 Lead Generation Team

Boost your lead capture by an average of 30% or more!

Expert live chat agents for less than 20c per hour!

Improve Customer Retention. Increase Sales. Reduce Cost.

We provide fully managed 24/7 Live Chat Monitoring on your website.

Our live chat agents are fully trained in customer service and lead capture.

Reduce your website bounce rate, increase your advertising ROI.

Why Live Chat Monitoring?

Our expertise lies in transforming passive browsing into active engagement, helping businesses like yours ignite meaningful conversations with website visitors.

We understand that every visitor on your website is a potential customer, and we strive to turn that potential into a fully qualified lead with our seamless and responsive live chat solutions.

Our expert team of Live Chat agents work tirelessly to ensure your website visitors feel heard, valued, and encouraged to take the next step with you. Experience a paradigm shift in visitor engagement and lead capture today with Live Chat Monitoring. Discover the power of fully managed live chat services, tailor-made for businesses eager to forge deeper connections and drive conversion.

Proactive Engagements

We'll set up custom proactive triggers to ensure that live chat appears on the relevant pages, at the relevant time to best assist your website visitors.

Facebook Messenger

We integrate seamlessly with Facebook Messenger, allowing our live chat agents to capture leads 24/7 on your Facebook Page, as well as on your website and landing pages!

24/7 Live Chat Monitoring

Your website never sleeps, and neither do we! Our experienced live chat team monitors your website 24/7 so you never miss an opportunity to engage and capture a qualified lead.

Advanced Reporting

Highlight growth areas and see which of your pages/products/services are performing well.
Our software integrates with Google Analytics and GA4 for live reporting and optimization,

24/7 Live Chat Support

Imagine a world where your customer queries are addressed around-the-clock, and potential opportunities never go unanswered. With Live Chat Monitoring, this is your reality! We understand the importance of timely responses, especially when your conventional business hours don't always align with your customers' needs. Our experienced live chat agents are always online and ready to help ensure your business never misses an opportunity to engage and convert additional leads.

Co-managed Live Chat

Do you want your own staff to receive leads during office hours? You absolutely can!
We can customise our live chat software for your own staff to log in whenever they are available.
Our experienced team of Live Chat Agents can act as backup during your office hours, and then take over when you log off at the end of the day.
This flexible approach ensures you’re never offline and always available 24/7 to assist your website visitors no matter what whether it's 3pm, or 3am!

Engage your web traffic

According to IRP Commerce, the average retail and eCommerce website converts only 3.58% of web traffic to a sale or enquiry!
That means that for most websites, 96% of their website visitors will leave without making contact.. Adding Live Chat software to your site allows website visitors to connect with your business through our experienced team of chat agents.
The Live Chat Monitoring team will engage with potential customers 24 hours a day and convert them into qualified leads, and we'll send them to you in real time!

Reduce your Cost per Acquisition (CPA)

Advertising is expensive, and when you spend money to get visitors to visit your website it’s important that you maximize the opportunity to convert as many of them into leads and inquiries as possible. With Live Chat Monitoring on your website, you can connect, engage, and convert more of your website traffic into leads and inquiries. Live Chat increases your website’s conversion rate, and reduces your cost per acquisition from paid advertising, SEO and Google AdWords.
We can even deliver your live chat leads as inbound phone calls by partnering with Direct Connect!

We recommend live chat monitoring to all our clients!
On our own website, our leads increased from day 1 and we ended up hiring an extra sales person to help with the increase in leads. Overall this has been a great addition and I've been working with Live Chat Monitoring and Drive Chat for years. I wouldn’t even consider having a website without offering 24/7 online chat support.
Luis G.
Knight Web Developers
As you know running such a personalised business in the very competitive industry is not always easy. Finding new ways to stay ahead of the competition is challenging to say the least. With your help over the last few months we have seen an increase in enquires and revenue as we are able to offer immediate attention to our customers.
Louanne Ward, Director, Peoples Introduction Bureau