Your website needs a Receptionist!

24/7 Live Chat: Your Go-To Website Receptionist

The roles of a receptionist are diverse. They are the very first point of contact in organizations, welcoming and directing clients and also handling inquiries in person over call or email. In retail stores, they have a much broader array of tasks and specifications. Not only are they involved in bookkeeping, the information about the merchandise and company, they also are the prime source of guidance and assistance to your customers. They facilitate customers by demonstrating the operation of merchandise and influencing their buying behavior. Their set of skills includes good communication skills, active listening, social perceptiveness and of course the art of persuasion.

You must be wondering why we are presenting the job specifications of a receptionist in a live chat support blog post. Well, the roles and duties are precisely the same. Live chat support is essentially an online receptionist for your website. They are the first base of interaction online users come across; they assist and guide the customers with their queries, help them understand the various options of cost and shipping, and most importantly, encourage and pinpoint the buying behavior.

What businesses need to understand is that your online store is your brand’s showroom minus its physical existence. It functions exactly the same way. You try to target your niche and achieve sales in return, just as you would in your physical store.

Today’s world is an explosion of clients from all over the globe. Your website defines who you are and what you deliver, so it is important that you pitch out the right message. 24/7 online support greets, inquires about the reason for your visit, and assists you with queries about the brand to the point that you feel comfortable and coast towards the checkout — what more could one ask for?

If you are aiming for customer enhance retention, loyalty, referrals, and leads, focus on making your live chat support better. What you need to do is train your staff to answer all queries, minimizing response time, guide customers about the various options the brand offers in terms of products, services and costs, and lastly, collect valuable feedback in return. offers fully managed and co-managed live chat solutions for businesses that are serious about maximising the opportunity to convert leads on their website.

Live Chat Monitoring Video

We’ve put together a little video to explain what live chat monitoring is all about.


So you have a website, and you probably spend money advertising your website to get more people to come visit your page.

But how many of those visitors will actually convert into a sale or an enquiry?

How much of your advertising dollars are being wasted by generating traffic to your website that doesn’t convert?

Advertising is expensive, and it’s important to try and convert every website visitor into a lead or a sale.

What if there was a way to communicate with your web visitors while they browse your website?

That’s where can help.

Adding live chat monitoring to your website can help improve your website conversion rates by engaging passive visitors and turning them into active customers.

Just as a physical store or office has staff to greet and assist customers, your website can also benefit from having online customer service representatives who are available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.

After working with you create your business profile and customer service scripts, Our experienced staff can answer questions, overcome objections, and provide immediate assistance to your website visitors while they browse your website.

As well as providing fantastic customer service, we also capture new leads and enquiries and send them to your sales team for immediate follow up.

On average, many of our customers report a 20-30 percent increase in enquiries after adding to their website.

“That sounds great, but can I have my own team receive chats from our website?”  Yes you can!  An additional option with our service is to have sel managed agent accounts set up for your own team to log in and receive chats during business hours.    Our experienced operators remain in the background to receive chats if your team is busy or unable to respond.   And best of all – when your team logs off at the end of the day we remain online to respond to your visitors after hours and on weekends.   Your website visits will appreciate being able to submit an enquiry 24/7 and chat with a real person.

Our software is quick and easy to install.  After signing up we will email you some javascript code that you’ll copy and paste into your website’s template.  In most cases you can be up and running within 30 seconds.  You can even integrate our service with your brand’s Facebook page to help turn fans in to customers.

Increase your web conversions today and turn those anonymous visitors into additional sales and warm leads with