The Benefits Of Live Chat For Your Business

The Benefits Of Live Chat For Your Business

Live chat is a valuable tool for your business. Let us break down a few key reasons as to why…

Reduced Expenses

Let’s cut straight to the chase: telephone support can be costly. It’s limited (unless you’re prepared to hire customer service operators around the clock). It’s often the cause of frustration for customers who dislike long waits on hold.

Live chat is instant, it offers a quick answer to your potential customers’ question/s, and establishes trust.

Increased Sales

There are several studies that prove that live chat helps in increasing the overall sales of a business.

This American Marketing Association study shows that live chat can increase conversions by at least 20 percent. The same report states that customers who use live chat are three times more likely to make purchases than those who don’t.

Live chat plays an influential role in generating leads and making sales. Live chat offers visitors instant access to our trained live chat agents, which in turn have more opportunities to capture details from these potential customers, which you can turn into successful sales for your business.

Improved Customer Service and Loyalty

In our time poor world, there’s immense value in visitors to your page receiving an answer within seconds – that kind of efficient and convenient customer service cannot be underestimated.

The Customer Service Benchmark survey of 2000 consumers found out that live chat has the highest customer satisfaction levels at 73 percent, as compared to 61 percent for email support and only 44 percent for traditional phone support.

Discover Customer Pain Points

Pain points refer to a customers’ problem that has not been resolved or that has not been answered. With traditional customer support systems, such as phone calls or email support, it is difficult to identify your customer’s pain points since they may only be heard or received by one team or an individual.

With live chat, you have access to all chat histories, which can be sorted, searched and filtered to quickly recognise customer pain points. Addressing the problems or needs of customers is a significant benefit of live chat.

Convenience For Customers

Sure, one of the main factors that will determine the success of your business is the quality of your service or product. Nonetheless, how convenient and easily accessible your customer service is makes for a close second.

Live chat facilitates your website visitors with prompt access to our support agents. When your visitors can easily contact you with any questions or problems that they may have, they will be more confident in your company as a vendor and a source of valuable knowledge and support.

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