Why home builders need live chat

Why home builders need Live Chat

As a home builder you are always on the go, with a range of manual, managerial and administrative responsibilities.

This goes from interpreting plans to organising contractors and coordinating their payments. And as much as you would like to be able to always be there to help your customers, the speed of the building industry make it challenging.

As a matter of fact, home builders spend several hours of their day on the phone receiving calls with customer enquiries and trying to solve each of them with their best approach. However, businesses are migrating into the digital space and they need to find solutions to always be accessible. Live Chat is a perfect add-on for your website to ensure you have a 24/7 web-receptionist ready to engage with your customers and answer to their questions and enquiries any time, any where.

Live Chat Monitoring is already part and parcel of the home builder’s industry in assisting potential customers in real time.

The success of Live Chat is in part thanks to the Live Chat team’s ability in being able to ask questions that will help determine specific needs of potential customers, and communicating back to the business for you to provide services quickly.

From the most detailed specifications and measurements, to parts or repair request, Live Chat services engage with potential customers and ensure their assistance is readily available and visible once a visitor lands on your webpage.

Insights: Qualified leads through Live Chat

Live Chat monitoring, has partnered with National and Local builders across Australia.

The experience for this type of industry, after 3 weeks of having Live Chat in their website, exceeded their leads by 25% higher than usual and in the following months their leads continued to increase by an average of 10-15%, with a current conversion rate of around 55%.

What do all these percentages mean? They mean that Live Chat was an active point of engagement when potential customers were visiting the business’ website. It was the perfect point of contact to request a quote, ask for deliveries or installations, enquire about services, replacements, costs, timings and availability. The reason why all of these potential customers converted into customers, was thanks to the information collected by the conversation in Live Chat, which was emailed back to the business and the business took straight action in resolving the multiple enquiries.

Enhance Customer Engagement

As a customer all you want when browsing the web are timely responses to questions and assurance that the business you are reaching out to is open to build a relationship with you and care about your needs. Live Chat is skilled to assess your customers and help them setting appointments and better understand what they are after, providing a positive user experience and helping increase the use of your services.

You might find it challenging to be responsive to customers as it’s a competitive environment. However, to help them stand out Live Chat can ensure that new customer enquiries are captured and sent to you for immediate follow up. While on the other hand your home builder’s team is out solving customers problems and transforming their houses into their dream places.

Make Live Chat your favorite tool to engage potential customers online and turn them into qualified leads and future customers.
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