Live Chat for Builders and Property Developers

Buuilders and Property Developers – Here’s Why Live Chat Is On Absolute Must For Your Business Website

Whether you run an e-commerce platform or a traditional store, good customer service is crucial to generate and convert more leads. This is even more accurate for Builders, Property Developers, and Real Estate Agents — whose job relies on establishing rapport with potential clients every day.

The initial communication between a Builder and a buyer usually happens online, as over 93% of real estate purchases begin with a simple Internet search.

How Builders and Property Developers Benefit

As real-world interactions transpire to online platforms, buyers expect you to offer instant support. To offer good customer support, businesses must respond to customer queries quickly on the website.

Surprisingly, the live chat feature is still an untapped resource among many builders and property developers. It can help you understand the needs of the customer and close more sales.

Live Chat Monitoring on your website can help boost sales and maximize revenue for Builders and Developers. Here’s how live chat allows home builders to close more sales and offer excellent customer service.

Improve Engagement Rate

Live chat works in real time – to provide quick resolutions and answers – to customer queries. It is something buyers now expect from all businesses and not just those in the real estate industry.

Compared to other support mediums like email, phone or a contact form, live chat ranks higher in customer satisfaction.

Live Chat Monitoring does exceptionally well to add a human element that most websites lack. Often, buyers have questions while they are researchin that they may ask after work hours. Our trained customer support team can answer their questions and keep them interested.

An increasing number of people use mobile devices to visit websites and inquire about products or services.  Having Live Chat allows quick engagement and improves chances of converting an eager buyer into a client for your real estate business.

Convert More Leads

Live Chat Monitoring converts leads at a higher rate than the use of forms on a website, which tend to be more passive. This results in more qualified leads for builders and real estate agents, with a higher chance of conversion.

We ask the right questions to qualify and process each lead — so the website visitor remains interested and likely to engage with your business to buy or sell their property.

Our live chat software monitors all visitors on the website. And makes use of third-party analytics tools like Google Analytics to interpret and compile traffic patterns.    And our experienced team of live chat agents will engage your website visitors in conversations so that we can convert every possible lead for your sales team.

Live Chat is 85% more likely to convert leads into loyal customers for a business. The analytics report can help understand the target population and devise a better business strategy.

Capitalize On Website Traffic

The average website converts less than five percent of all website traffic. That means approximately 95% of your visitors leave without qualifying as a lead.

What would you do if your house openings had 95% of people walking through the front door for a look, but then then walked out without saying a word?   This is what’s happening on your website right NOW!   Live Chat is an amazing tool for engaging the 95% of visitors who leave without making content – Our experienced live chat agents can reach out and attempt to engage your website visitors in a conversation to help qualify as many leads as possible.

We can help find out where the opportunities are and show you how many more leads you could/SHOULD be capturing each day.

Minimize Your Costs

As a property developer, you always strive to find the most cost-effective way to engage buyers in your listings. Live chat decreases your customer service costs as it lowers the demand for 24/7 phone support.

Compared to other support channels, live chat tools are cheaper to integrate. It streamlines your lead generation efforts with real-time engagement. Live chats not only minimise costs for your real estate business, they also ensure a high return on investment from your Advertising budget.

The Final Say

Having a live chat feature on your website makes it more interactive and improves visitor experience. Potential clients are likely to engage with your business if their questions are readily answered.

Live Chat Monitoring makes builders and property developers more accessible and facilitates an easier online experience for submitting leads and enquiries.

Why not start today? Contact us now to expand your client base!

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