Live Chat for Law Firms

Perks Of Live Chat Support For Law Firms.

Driving traffic to your website is only half the battle when looking to expand your client base. For a successful conversion – a legal website should engage and interact – with a client to make sure they get the required information and are satisfied.

A live chat feature is known to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction, with 81% satisfied visitors of all customer service channels.

Clients prefer a human-to-human interaction for inquiries on legal matters. Having a trained representative engage with them and answer their queries — can go a long way in converting a visitor into a loyal client.

Why Offer Live Chat On Your Website

An online chat team trained to guide and engage visitors can set your law firm apart. LiveChat Monitoring offers 24/7 customer support to all visitors on your business website.

Our live chat feature allows firms to expand their clientele and engage with every visitor — both during and outside office hours seeking legal assistance.

Our trained customer support team offers a course of action in real-time. Often people get distressed –when involved in a legal spat – and seek immediate resolutions. We can help ease their worries with a timely response and help them organise an appointment with your firm.

Our experienced live chat agents are skilled at engaging website visitors for Legal Firms and Attorneys to ensure that they never miss an opportunity to receive qualified leads.

Here are a few reasons why you should integrate a live chat feature on your business website.

Engage Visitors

It is vital to keep your visitors interested to increase chances of conversion: We make sure a curious visitor agrees to choose your firm to speak to about their need for legal representation.

Live Chat keeps visitors engaged with active support. And Live Chat Monitoring offers exactly that!

Our chat serves as a contact point – to engage, educate, and sign up – clients for your legal firm. It works much better when they know they are talking to a real person who understands what they are trying to say — and responds in real-time!

Build Rapport

People who seek legal assistance often need reassurance and quick guidance.

Live Chat Monitoring allows law firms to keep potential clients satisfied. When a client is aware of the course of action your law firm is anticipating and is readily updated, it induces trust between the client and the law firm.

With better engagement, your legal firm can build rapport and assist clients in other legal matters too.

Our role is to engage your website visitors using live chat, qualify the lead, and send it to your team for follow up and to book an appointment.

24/7 Customer Support

Offering customer support only during work hours is not enough to engage potential clients in today’s competitive world. People tend to look up services at a time that suits them best.

The team at Live Chat Monitoring makes sure all queries are dealt with and a course of action is suggested to keep the visitor interested in your service.

For questions that are field-specific or need the attention of a legal expert, our team adequately drafts the query and leaves a follow up for lawyers, to get back to the client as early as possible.   We handle the lead capture, YOU handle the legal advice!

Schedule Calls At A Preferred Time
People who come looking for answers on a Legal Firm’s website should not return without a satisfactory resolution.

Every visitor is a potential lead and may become a long-term client for your firm. Our live chat option allows them to schedule a call with a legal expert at their preferred time. This makes communication easy and reduces chances of them leaving your service for another firm.

Get More Leads
Your business should aim to convert as many leads as possible from the traffic on your website. When people are satisfied with the level of engagement, they are more likely to stick around with your firm.

With Live Chat Monitoring, you can expand your clientele and provide better legal services. A quick response and timely resolution is key to client retention for law firms.

Our team work with hundreds of Attorney and Law Firms to assist them with increasing their lead capture and grow their business!

What To Do

There’s no doubt, Live Chat for Law Firms makes your website more interactive and improves the user experience instantly.

Every visitor should be able to trust your service. Live Chat Monitoring makes a Legal Firm appear credible and worthy instantly. And helps you become the go-to choice for all legal representation.

Why wait? Contact us today to capitalize on the visitors to your website and expand your client base!


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