Live Chat for Dentists

Why Add Live Chat Feature To Your Dental Clinic Website?

Websites that use the right digital marketing tools can easily increase their exposure to thousands of visitors, but it is still quite challenging to use these sites as lead generation tools. The average website conversion rate around the world has been about 3%, and even a well optimised website usually converts only 5-15% of website visitors in to a lead.

For a dental clinic’s website, online customer support is essential for keeping people interested and convincing them to choose you over others.

With almost 99% customer satisfaction rate, live chat stands out as the go-to for customers interested in your services. But can you stay live all the time?

Yes, you can, and it works too!

The option to chat in real-time with a customer care representative on-site can help visitors ensure that they get the answers they are looking for. Otherwise, they can quickly bounce off to another website to find what they are looking for.

Moreover, people prefer to chat instead of finding info in the FAQs, emailing, or searching about your sitemap to find the answers. An immediate response in those times can go a long way in converting a passive website visitor in to an active new client.

Here are several reasons why your dental website should have live chat:

Engage Prospects And Patients

While your clinic may have specific working hours, online visitors don’t need an appointment to stumble upon your website and look for information they need.

You can cater to their needs during work hours, but can you be there for them as they scroll through your website in the middle of the night or on your day off?

That’s where we step in to help you. Our live chat monitoring software and experience live chat agents can tap into the potential of the other 95% of your web traffic that might go unattended otherwise.

We increase your response rate by catering to your visitors’ needs and concerns when you are busy or unavailable. We can also take the load off of your shoulders when you are short on staff or overwhelmed with the number of queries.

Convert Visitors Into Active Leads

While you may have a lead form on your website for visitors to leave questions and contact information to help you follow up later, let’s admit it, it might not be enough to get them to engage with you.

Passive leads hardly respond to your calls to action and might even lose interest along the way when met with late response.

An active lead converted through a real-time conversation is more likely to stay connected and respond to your calls to action. Customers love the personalized experience and individual attention they get on live chat.

Drive Foot Traffic To Your Clinic

Live Chat can increase the foot traffic to your dental clinic as well. We can take an appointment request or schedule a call in real-time, so they don’t leave empty-handed.

Even though your contact information and address are mentioned on your website, an in-person conversation can build more trust and make you look approachable – increasing your conversion rate and helping to grow your business.

Sometimes, visitors are just an invitation away from stopping by at your clinic. Inviting them to visit your dental clinic during a real-time conversation can have a more significant impact on them.


One of the major contributors to low conversion rates when it comes to website traffic is the absence of personalized human-to-human interaction. Integration of live chat and 24/7 customer support can increase your conversion rate by catching opportunities that go unattended in your time-off or hours of unavailability.

Our live chat monitoring software, along with our professional team, can take care of your website visitors when you are busy or off duty.

We can also take the load off of your shoulders during work hours by addressing the concerns of your visitors alongside your team. You will have access to the entire system and an edge over your competitors with the availability of round-the-clock customer support.

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