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Live Chat Monitoring – About Us

Attracting visitors to your website is only half the battle. What’s the other half, you might ask? Converting them into qualified and actionable leads! It’s no secret that “People like buying from people”. With that in mind, business owners have to remember that visitors prefer personal attention and service.

When people have questions about your product or service, they prefer answers from a live person, not from a list of “frequently asked questions” or automated responses. That’s where we come in!

Our Live Chat agents are experts in customer engagement, we'll help you turn more passive website visitors into qualified leads.
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Live Chat Monitoring

We offer fully managed live chat monitoring for savvy website owners who want to increase their website conversion rates. Live Chat Monitoring is an Australian owned company with headquarters in South Melbourne, and satellite offices in the US and UK. Our team is made up of highly trained live chat agents who receive ongoing weekly training in consumer behaviour and lead capture.


Initially launching as an enterprise level live chat software company, our team focussed our efforts on live chat optimisation team training.
Our success in training our clients staff to become experts in live chat lead to us being asked to provide support teams to handle chats after hours. That was back in 2012.

Now in 2021, we are a company with hundreds of live chat agents working 24/7 to support our clients all over the world!

In addition to fully managed live chat agents, we also offer the ability to convert online leads in to inbound phone calls - Please check out Direct Connect for more information.

On average, most websites that use live chat will experience a 20-30% increase in leads and enquiries. We have clients who have received up to a 400% increase in their lead capture! The benefits of adding live chat to your website is obvious, but often the biggest challenge is how to properly resource it – especially after hours. We offer a service that addresses the #1 challenge with live chat, our Agents are online 24hrs a day and 7 days a week and ready to respond to your website visitors. Long after you and your staff have signed off for the day, our live chat agents are busy working and capturing new sales leads and enquiries for your business so that you never miss out on another opportunity. Increase your website conversion by turning your visitors into paying customers! If you have invested your hard earned time and money to get potential customers to visit your website, we’ll help you put that investment to good use and reach its highest potential.