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Lead Response Time: Leads are 21 times more likely to convert if contacted within the first five minutes!

In today’s fast-paced business environment, every second counts when it comes to converting online leads. The first five minutes of lead response time can make or break a deal, as it has been proven that leads are 21 times more … Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Boosting SEO with Google Reviews: A Step-by-Step Approach

In today’s digital landscape, online reviews have become a crucial factor in the success of businesses. Among the various review platforms, Google Reviews stand out as a powerful tool that not only influences consumer decision-making but also plays a significant … Read More

Your Unfair Advantage: Increase Engagement and Capture even MORE Qualified Leads with Live Chat Monitoring

In today’s digital age, customer engagement and lead generation are crucial to the success of any business. While traditional methods such as email and phone calls have been the norm for years, live chat is quickly becoming the go-to communication … Read More

Better Lead Capture for Better Engagement

When it comes to generating engagement, interacting with your prospective customers is imperative. It builds a relationship with recurring customers and drives new ones to trust your business and become loyal to it. Many people may pass by your website, … Read More

5 Ways Solar Companies Can Generate More Leads in 2023

As the demand for solar surges, it is crucial for businesses in the sector to keep up with the growth. One effective method is to incorporate live chat software on your website. The tool permits corporations to engage with website … Read More

Boost Engagement, Increase High-Quality Leads, and Enhance Customer Satisfaction with your new SuperPower: Outsourced Live Chat!

It’s no secret that outsourced live chat is helping tens of thousands of businesses to improve their online customer experience. In this article we’ll explore how 24/7 live chat monitoring can be your secret to improving your lead quality and … Read More

The Top 5 Benefits of Live Chat for Lead Generation

What is Live Chat and Why is It Important? In this article we’ll explore some of the many benefits of Live Chat, and why you should add it to your website. You’re already aware that Live Chat is a tool … Read More

Direct Connect Secret Shopper

Our friends at Direct Connect have just released their lead response research for the Australian Automotive Industry! The study looked at online lead handling by car dealerships across the country, and was conducted over several weeks. In total, over 1800 … Read More

Home builders

Builders need Live Chat

In this article, we’ll explore why home builders need live chat. There is one simple rule for thriving businesses these days: engage your customer! After all, quality customer service is what keeps them coming back to you, not only helping … Read More

Live Chat for Dentists – An essential tool for your website

Live chat for Dentists – An essential tool to grow your dental clinic! Businesses these days are becoming increasingly customer-driven as they compete with each other to provide the best customer experience, live chat is a fantastic tool to give … Read More