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GDPR Compliance

GDPR Compliance

At Live Chat Monitoring we take the privacy and data protection of our clients extremely seriously.  We are happy to confirm that we are compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’) in respect of data which we act as data controller and/or data processor for you and which is transferred out of the EU by us to our servers in the US and Australia.

How we comply with GDPR

GDPR provides that data may be transferred outside of the EU where:

  1. there is an adequacy decision (Article 45); or
  2. appropriate safeguards have been put in place (Article 46); or
  3. a derogation applies (Article 49).

The jurisdictions in which we process your data are not currently subject to an adequacy decision by the European Commission. We confirm that we have put in place appropriate technological and organisational safeguards, in addition to robust contracts with our 3rd party suppliers in order to protect your data. However, reliance on Article 46 also requires the use of complex standard contractual clauses drafted by the European Commission and/or the nominated supervisory authority (the UK Information Commissioners Office (‘ICO’)) and/or gaining consent to contractual clauses by the ICO. This process is difficult, a long backlog exists and it is estimated by the ICO that applications may take well over a year to process and approve.

Given the nature of our company and the live chat services we provide, we have elected to use one or more of the derogations present in Article 49 for our clients, namely:

  1. that the transfer is necessary for the performance of our contract with you; and
  2. that you have given informed consent to the transfer.

We have used the services of an independent GDPR Advisory Firm in order to ensure that we have fully complied with our legal obligations under the GDPR and that we have in place all legal policies and procedures required in order to safeguard your privacy.  Our IT team are highly experienced and our cyber security precautions mean that your data is processed securely with the utmost respect for your confidentiality, using the same specifications and high data protection standards found in Europe. We can provide further details of our technological and organisational safeguards on request.

If you have any questions please contact us via email and we will be happy to assist.

GDPR May 25th


The General Data Protection Regulation, commonly referred to as GDPR, is new privacy law for the European Union (EU) that introduces an updated framework for handling and protecting the personal data of EU-based residents.

The new law empowers users to know where and how organisations across the globe utilise their personal information.

 The GDPR comes into effect on May 25, 2018. 


Our Commitment

At Live Chat Monitoring, we take data privacy and security seriously and are committed to fully supporting the changes that GDPR brings to protect our clients and their customers.

Our team is working closely with all necessary stakeholders to ensure that our internal policies, processes and terms are updated in accordance with the new law in time for its introduction.

GDPR is also on ongoing point of discussion with the suppliers of our programs. At this stage, they are all on track to be GDPR compliant, and we will continue to conduct ongoing evaluation in advance of 25th May 2018.

Generate leads while you sleep

Generate higher revenues during off-seasons via 24/7 live Customer Support

In search of services that pay off even during off-season slumps? Looking for ways to increase customer satisfaction by reducing customer service response time?

You may have all the right products and up-to-date services as your competitors in the same industry but still you might not be able to compete head-to-head, especially when the off season is upon you. Consumed with the dilemma of what you can do to keep up with your competitors, or more importantly, surpass them and turn visitor conversions into real-time conversions? Fret not.

You already know where this is heading for you and your business’ future; it is time you upgrade your ecommerce businesses with 24/7 live chat software and get it running on steroids. Just because your brand is experiencing slow momentum during the off-season slump doesn’t mean your website has to suffer too. The only trouble with online shopping is that there is human element to subtly ‘push’ potential clients towards the checkout.

Customers only want three things: high-quality products, costs and shipping, and thirdly and probably the most important thing which even the biggest of brands forget, live chat support.

It’s quite natural for customers to evaluate all possible pros and cons in their mind before the checkout — they want to be assured that whatever they are investing in is the best there is (for the price of course). Customer live chat support will do that for you by resolving queries and getting valuable feedback.

“Almost 62% of internet consumers voted that they purchase more products from a website that offers live customer support”. (Poll by Anderson Consulting)

Well there you have it! What does this mean for your business, you ask? Reduced shopping cart abandonment and a big boost in order sizes; you are in for a treat even in the deadest of seasons. You need to have someone always present to capture and retain leads, resolve issues during purchase, and provide one-on-one solutions and answers. Another huge benefit of live chat support is that it takes notice of all the introverts. You may have your social media profiles and pages overflowing with questions, queries and feedback, but there are still some people out there who feel hesitant on speaking on such public platforms. That’s where 24/7 live chat support comes in. It respects their privacy and gets the issue resolved within no time.

If you keep your website updated and available even when you are not open, you are aiming for a really good chance of customer retention. If you believe it’s essential for you to have someone in your physical store to guide customers properly, why not have the same on your website?


Live Chat Improves Conversion Rates

With an abundance of mixed marketing messages, confusing products and competition available across the internet, it’s not uncommon for consumers to find themselves lost or unsure about where to take their purchasing decision. Fortunately, web development capabilities now allow for efficient, 24/7 live chat systems to be integrated into designs, allowing brands to engage with visitors to their website in real-time – a huge advantage, if utilised correctly by the business.

Here’s three benefits your brand could be receiving from this nifty little feature…

Decrease the likelihood of shopping cart abandonment

There’s plenty of reasons as to why a potential customer may choose to stray away from a site, and it can take a lot of research and examination to unravel why exactly that could be happening. Live chat features, however, are able to influence that rate of abandonment by solving customer queries that otherwise remain unattended. When customers can’t find the information they’re seeking, they’ll often choose just to ditch the overall experience, without attempting to solve it. Integrating chat functions means you are readily available to provide assistance with these questions, eliminating the potential for them to click the dreaded red ‘X’.

Build authority and rapport

If you don’t have a physical store, it’s hard enough to build a satisfactory level of trust with online customers. Live chat gives you the opportunity to show visitors that there is a “person behind the screen” – demonstrating that you are physically present and on-hand to solve their problems. When customers can access real discussions with real people, they’re less likely to feel uneasy about making a purchase overall. Delivering helpful, trustful and genuine advice can have a remarkable effect on your business success, especially if it is available to visitors 24/7.

Eliminate the search struggle

Another handy feature of this system is that users don’t have to spend hours crawling through a site to find what they’re after. Live chat gives prospective customers the chance to ask real assistants if the product or service they are looking for is actually available. When given quick, immediate solutions, they may just feel more obliged to come back again next time. 

Give customers a reason to return with live chat features that are rapidly becoming an unparalleled capability of websites across all industries. Chances are you’ll quickly build a level of authority and positivity for your brand that cannot be achieved through any other avenue.

Your website needs a Receptionist!

24/7 Live Chat: Your Go-To Website Receptionist

The roles of a receptionist are diverse. They are the very first point of contact in organizations, welcoming and directing clients and also handling inquiries in person over call or email. In retail stores, they have a much broader array of tasks and specifications. Not only are they involved in bookkeeping, the information about the merchandise and company, they also are the prime source of guidance and assistance to your customers. They facilitate customers by demonstrating the operation of merchandise and influencing their buying behavior. Their set of skills includes good communication skills, active listening, social perceptiveness and of course the art of persuasion.

You must be wondering why we are presenting the job specifications of a receptionist in a live chat support blog post. Well, the roles and duties are precisely the same. Live chat support is essentially an online receptionist for your website. They are the first base of interaction online users come across; they assist and guide the customers with their queries, help them understand the various options of cost and shipping, and most importantly, encourage and pinpoint the buying behavior.

What businesses need to understand is that your online store is your brand’s showroom minus its physical existence. It functions exactly the same way. You try to target your niche and achieve sales in return, just as you would in your physical store.

Today’s world is an explosion of clients from all over the globe. Your website defines who you are and what you deliver, so it is important that you pitch out the right message. 24/7 online support greets, inquires about the reason for your visit, and assists you with queries about the brand to the point that you feel comfortable and coast towards the checkout — what more could one ask for?

If you are aiming for customer enhance retention, loyalty, referrals, and leads, focus on making your live chat support better. What you need to do is train your staff to answer all queries, minimizing response time, guide customers about the various options the brand offers in terms of products, services and costs, and lastly, collect valuable feedback in return. offers fully managed and co-managed live chat solutions for businesses that are serious about maximising the opportunity to convert leads on their website.

Live Chat Monitoring Video

We’ve put together a little video to explain what live chat monitoring is all about.


So you have a website, and you probably spend money advertising your website to get more people to come visit your page.

But how many of those visitors will actually convert into a sale or an enquiry?

How much of your advertising dollars are being wasted by generating traffic to your website that doesn’t convert?

Advertising is expensive, and it’s important to try and convert every website visitor into a lead or a sale.

What if there was a way to communicate with your web visitors while they browse your website?

That’s where can help.

Adding live chat monitoring to your website can help improve your website conversion rates by engaging passive visitors and turning them into active customers.

Just as a physical store or office has staff to greet and assist customers, your website can also benefit from having online customer service representatives who are available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.

After working with you create your business profile and customer service scripts, Our experienced staff can answer questions, overcome objections, and provide immediate assistance to your website visitors while they browse your website.

As well as providing fantastic customer service, we also capture new leads and enquiries and send them to your sales team for immediate follow up.

On average, many of our customers report a 20-30 percent increase in enquiries after adding to their website.

“That sounds great, but can I have my own team receive chats from our website?”  Yes you can!  An additional option with our service is to have sel managed agent accounts set up for your own team to log in and receive chats during business hours.    Our experienced operators remain in the background to receive chats if your team is busy or unable to respond.   And best of all – when your team logs off at the end of the day we remain online to respond to your visitors after hours and on weekends.   Your website visits will appreciate being able to submit an enquiry 24/7 and chat with a real person.

Our software is quick and easy to install.  After signing up we will email you some javascript code that you’ll copy and paste into your website’s template.  In most cases you can be up and running within 30 seconds.  You can even integrate our service with your brand’s Facebook page to help turn fans in to customers.

Increase your web conversions today and turn those anonymous visitors into additional sales and warm leads with

Live Chat is a Simple and Effective Support Tool for your website

Live chat started as a personal communication tool but now it has transformed into a fundamental tool of communication for any business. You can now offer useful applications for companies and their customers.
This form of rapid communication allows the customers to connect with the company quickly and easily. Some businesses have also adopted this idea because it offers them substantial benefit – a great boost in their sales.
Given the option, many consumers prefer shopping on websites equipped with instant customer service.  Increasingly, it is an online sales tool that converts more website visitors into possible buyers.
How can live chat become a simple, fast and effective ecommerce sales and support tool?
Every chance of engagement to a consumer is significant.  Every opportunity to interact with them is important. Businesses today see a need to provide direct satisfaction of services to its client. With this idea of instant customer service, attracting a visitor to chat and check your website could create an impression of assistance and personal interest.
The simplicity of having a live chat is as easy as a copy and paste shortcut that we usually do. Just click a button, copy the code, paste it onto the website then after a few seconds, you are going live! Your IT department or web developer will be very glad for the reason that it is an effortless task but was able to give the website a new and exciting feature.
Live chat engages potential customers in a conversation about your business while they’re still on your website. The support team will chat to your web visitor, deliver basic customer service and work to capture the lead for you. Then they will email you to follow up and close the sale. Most live chat companies now offers a 24 hour service. This feature does not only support your customers help anytime but also increases your company’s credibility in providing a whole day of assistance.
Live chat provides real time answers. Any visitor that lands on your website becomes a possible lead. Inviting them to chat gives you an opportunity to assist them in finding out what product or service will match their needs. With the help of the experienced support team, you can achieve your site goals because of the quick and reliable assistance they could offer. Single chat operators can handle multiple chats at once, providing helpful support without missing a sale. Customers have a huge chance of buying if their questions were answered immediately. This interaction with your visitor will become the bridge in building a sales relationship with your clients that will leave a positive feeling they will want to experience again.
Having an instant customer service will help your business boost to your customer satisfaction. They like getting answers right away these days, and a software that can offer features like this will definitely keep them happy and appreciated.
So when you are looking for a live chat tool for your business, take note of these points. Because live chat is no longer just a personal means for communication but became a simple, fast and effective support tool for your business.

Benefits of live chat

Imagine your sales and support professionals delivering immediate responses to your customers questions in real-time. Great customer service turns traffic into profits and customer loyalty.
Live chat has the ability to provide the convenient answers that customers want, while also adding significant benefits to the staff and bottom line of companies.
Here are some reasons why live chat can improve your business:
Convenient and Efficient
Live chat is a much more powerful contact method than phone or email. It allows each support representative to be able to handle multiple customer inquiries simultaneously and to handle each interaction more completely, consistently, and quicker.
Cost Saving Benefits
It increases efficiency by allowing live chat agents to handle multiple chats simultaneously, which in turn reduces the need to hire more employees, if at all. Live chat agents can handle more than one customer at a time, something email and phone don’t allow.
Increases Sales
The key is that customers have someone who can immediately walk them through a sale if they become confused or have a question that can make or break a sale.  Live chat builds website credibility with the customer; agents can answer questions immediately.
Live chat allows companies to expand hours of operation, provide customer support/service around the clock, engage leads and enable sales, all while keeping organizational costs low relative to the increase in revenues.
Gain an Edge over your competition.
The cost savings and convenience for both staff and customers makes live chat not only a viable option for businesses today, but an essential tool for any company that thrives on providing excellent customer service. Nearly all retail sales now begin on the Internet, even if the final purchase is in-store.

The Live Chat Monitoring Advantage

By now, we’ve all read and gotten to know the wonderful things that live chat can do for your company’s website. Increased conversion rates, effective communication tool and sales booster – the advantages can be unlimited.
If you’re still undecided whether to add live chat software to your website, here are some things that you are missing out on by not having live chat monitoring:
A recent study showed that a lot of the top retail companies do not have live chat monitoring services on their websites. If you want to gain an advantage over your competition, adding live chat to your website can be the key in order to have that edge. By offering a different form of contact to customers, you are also giving them a different experience that they don’t usually get from other websites.
By presenting a different feature, you are effectively setting your company apart from other businesses which will give you that position of being a leader in your industry.
One of the biggest advantages of having live chat monitoring is the effectiveness and efficiency that it brings to a company’s customer service aspect. Having a phone number that customers can call is a good thing but we have to remember that a customer service representative can only handle one customer at a time. By having a live chat operator, the same person can handle multiple live chat conversations simultaneously by switching from one conversation to another using a live chat software.
Satisfaction level can be directly associated with customer’s experience. If they leave your website feeling dissatisfied because they can’t find the answer to their question, there is a chance that they will look for another company who can address their concern promptly. With live chat, operators are able to assist the customers in a timely manner which can lead to an increase in customer satisfaction. Having an operator present gives customers immediate access to someone if they need assistance.
Take the time to fully understand how live chat can affect your company’s growth and progress. Keep in mind that customer service can make or break a business and having 24/7 live chat monitoring added to your website can help your business make it to the top of the leader board.

Use live chat to improve your business’ customer retention

As most business owners know, it is more expensive to get new customers than keeping the existing ones.   Securing new customers is believed to be 5 to 10 times more expensive.   Having new clients is essential to every business but over time, acquiring new clients can get more difficult, which is why it is very important to find ways to retain your existing customers.   According to recent studies by Harvard Business School, by increasing customer retention rates by 5% the earning potential of businesses can be increased by 25% to 95%.

Keeping your existing clients’ happy is critical to the growth of your business.   Existing clients are likely to return again (and again!) if they have a positive experience, and if the experience is exceptional they may choose refer their friends and family.
Building customer loyalty is a great way to retain your clients.    Establishing customer loyalty can be done by making sure that your clients’ concerns and inquiries are addressed quickly.
Here are some ways to improve customer retention rates:
1. Make sure that you engage with your customers.   A recent survey showed that more than half of the participants said that giving importance to the customer’s time is one of the best things a company can do.   This proves that in order to build customer loyalty, a business must be able to attend to customers’ questions and needs in a timely, accurate and friendly manner.
2. Give your customers real-time convenience.   Having multiple ways for customers to get in contact with you is always a good thing!   Being able to interact with customers while they are on your website makes it easier for them to ask questions and express interest in purchasing your products or services.
3. Provide WOW experiences to your clients. Exceeding customers’ expectations gives them an impression that you value them as a customer.   It makes them feel confident knowing that you’re not just about making sales, but that you’re focused on providing excellent customer service as well.
To be able to do these things, you need a form of communication that will allow you to interact with them the quickest way possible. Having live chat service on your website will allow you to engage with your customers and provide them service that will surely exceed their expectations.
By adding to your website, your customers’ enquiries are addressed quickly and efficiently.   Our experienced operators can interact with visitors and clients that will enable your business to build relationships and give them personalised service.
There are many ways to help you make your business grow and expand your clientele. Take the time to consider using as a form of communication and it will surely boost the effectiveness of your business’ customer service and lead capture.