Better Lead Capture for Better Engagement

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When it comes to generating engagement, interacting with your prospective customers is imperative. It builds a relationship with recurring customers and drives new ones to trust your business and become loyal to it.

Many people may pass by your website, but not many will stay if you don’t have a well-put-together strategy for lead capture. Don’t settle with traffic: turn those numbers into paying customers.

Doing so with Live Chat Monitoring is perhaps the most effective way, especially for lead capture, and by the end of this article, you will understand exactly why.

What Is Lead Capture?

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First and foremost, let’s understand what exactly we are referring to by lead capture. 

Driving traffic to your website, social media pages, or any other online presence your business has, is your top priority when it comes to marketing. Through SEO practices and strategic ads, either your in-house marketing team or a third-party marketing firm is hard at work bringing new people to you.

However, once people have found your business online, the even more important mission begins: to keep those new people and convert them into customers.

Lead capture is a method of gathering information about people who express interest in your business and may become clients in the future. Lead captures are vital for every company that offers products and services since they are an excellent way to build and maintain a customer base. 

Lead captures are particularly significant because they may be used as marketing tools in their own right. They can be used as a call to action to encourage customers to connect with your company and potentially place an order.

There are many ways that companies opt to capture leads. Most commonly, they have lead capture pages set up, or a form present on their landing page, meant to collect contact information and any other valuable data.

However, there is a much better option for businesses who wish to ensure they can generate leads and increase lead quality: live chat.

Engagement Is A Must

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Intuitive, but too important not to mention. In order for your company to remain on a potential customer’s mind, and for you to ensure better conversion, encouraging engagement is extremely important.

Finding a way for your customers to feel compelled to engage with your website is the best lead capture strategy. Customers that are highly involved purchase more, recommend more and show greater loyalty. An important part of your engagement strategy is to provide an elevated user experience.

According to a Walker study, by the end of 2020, customer experience will have surpassed cost and item as the most important brand-differentiating factor. And it’s no secret that this has become even more the case in 2022.

There are many ways in which you can make the customer experience better, but none really come close to the benefits of having someone to handle your live chat 24/7. 

Better Lead Generation with Live Chat

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Mobile messages are 35 times more likely to be opened by consumers than emails. That alone can be reason enough why live chat should never be overlooked when it comes to lead generation.

Capturing leads, as we’ve established, is meant to gather information from potential customers and use it to turn them into loyal buyers. Most companies tend to go about this through email, but research shows more and more that emails are outdated and can be harder to get an answer to.

If your company has a well put together live chat strategy that caters accordingly to your audience, your website visitors will be much more responsive than those who rely solely on sending newsletters and promotional emails.

There are a variety of ways in which live chat can better your lead capture and, implicitly, your engagement.

1. Build Trust

When your website’s visitors are one click away from having a real conversation with a person about your company, their relationship with your business becomes instantly more personal. 

Instead of being faced with pre-written responses, automated replies and slow responses, consumers will feel that no matter their inquiry, someone is there to reply to them according to their specific needs.

The added element of empathy makes for a much better customer experience and, therefore, encourages more engagement. Marketing is tailored to the target audience, as a generalization; live chat takes it further, making it possible to tailor to each customer who reaches out individually.

2. Gather Information Effectively

Many customers who would be generally willing to get in touch with your company may end up hesitating and giving up the idea, due to not feeling comfortable or not having time for a phone call or an email.

If offered the chance of only being allowed to call or text on their phones, 75% of millennial consumers would rather forfeit phone calls than text. Texting does not take up as much time, allows for multitasking, and feels more comfortable, especially with unknown people.

Not only will they be more likely to get in contact with you, but they will also be more likely to respond. If your lead capture form is sent via email or just posted on your landing page, its impact may be considerably lower than if it was sent through text directly to the consumer, especially if it is dubbed by a personalized message.

3. Make The Most Of Budget

A lot of money and effort goes into marketing strategies meant to drive traffic to your website. Whether it’s invested in SEO practices, ads or any other strategies, it’s a top priority to convert most of that traffic into paying customers.

With live chat present on your website, more of your website visitors will engage, receive information and be compelled to make a purchase. Depending on the page of your website they are visiting, an automated message that appeals to what spiked their interest in the first place can make all the difference.

Instead of investing in just clicks, with the right live chat software, you will be making considerably more than you spent by ensuring people don’t just pass by, but choose to stay.

4. Resolve Potential Issues

It’s inevitable that, at some point, someone is going to be unhappy with your services, products, website, or anything else regarding your company. 

Engagement is not always generated by positive attitudes and opinions, but having someone there to resolve any misunderstandings and reassure angry customers will help with damage control by addressing things in due time.

Get More Leads With Live Chat Monitoring

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Still not quite sure how powerful live chat really is? 

Let us present some numbers! 51% of people are more likely to buy from your business after making use of your live chat software, and, even more impressively, 29% don’t even need to use it at all; just having it as an option compels them to make a purchase from you.

Opting for live chat software for your company’s website can make a difference in all areas. Easier interaction with consumers will be easier both ways, with people being more compelled to both get in contact and reply to any information you may wish to get across to them while they are browsing through your site.

Live Chat Monitoring makes that possible and much more, through the highest quality software, and live chat agents available 24/7 for customer service. While you’re getting a good night’s sleep, lead generation will still be in full swing as customer service specialists tend to your website visitors’ needs.

Get in contact with Live Chat Monitoring, find out the best plan for you, and start capturing leads and building customer relationships.

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