Live Chat for Dentists

Why Add Live Chat Feature To Your Dental Clinic Website?

Websites that use the right digital marketing tools can easily increase their exposure to thousands of visitors, but it is still quite challenging to use these sites as lead generation tools. The average website conversion rate around the world has been about 3%, and even a well optimised website usually converts only 5-15% of website visitors in to a lead.

For a dental clinic’s website, online customer support is essential for keeping people interested and convincing them to choose you over others.

With almost 99% customer satisfaction rate, live chat stands out as the go-to for customers interested in your services. But can you stay live all the time?

Yes, you can, and it works too!

The option to chat in real-time with a customer care representative on-site can help visitors ensure that they get the answers they are looking for. Otherwise, they can quickly bounce off to another website to find what they are looking for.

Moreover, people prefer to chat instead of finding info in the FAQs, emailing, or searching about your sitemap to find the answers. An immediate response in those times can go a long way in converting a passive website visitor in to an active new client.

Here are several reasons why your dental website should have live chat:

Engage Prospects And Patients

While your clinic may have specific working hours, online visitors don’t need an appointment to stumble upon your website and look for information they need.

You can cater to their needs during work hours, but can you be there for them as they scroll through your website in the middle of the night or on your day off?

That’s where we step in to help you. Our live chat monitoring software and experience live chat agents can tap into the potential of the other 95% of your web traffic that might go unattended otherwise.

We increase your response rate by catering to your visitors’ needs and concerns when you are busy or unavailable. We can also take the load off of your shoulders when you are short on staff or overwhelmed with the number of queries.

Convert Visitors Into Active Leads

While you may have a lead form on your website for visitors to leave questions and contact information to help you follow up later, let’s admit it, it might not be enough to get them to engage with you.

Passive leads hardly respond to your calls to action and might even lose interest along the way when met with late response.

An active lead converted through a real-time conversation is more likely to stay connected and respond to your calls to action. Customers love the personalized experience and individual attention they get on live chat.

Drive Foot Traffic To Your Clinic

Live Chat can increase the foot traffic to your dental clinic as well. We can take an appointment request or schedule a call in real-time, so they don’t leave empty-handed.

Even though your contact information and address are mentioned on your website, an in-person conversation can build more trust and make you look approachable – increasing your conversion rate and helping to grow your business.

Sometimes, visitors are just an invitation away from stopping by at your clinic. Inviting them to visit your dental clinic during a real-time conversation can have a more significant impact on them.


One of the major contributors to low conversion rates when it comes to website traffic is the absence of personalized human-to-human interaction. Integration of live chat and 24/7 customer support can increase your conversion rate by catching opportunities that go unattended in your time-off or hours of unavailability.

Our live chat monitoring software, along with our professional team, can take care of your website visitors when you are busy or off duty.

We can also take the load off of your shoulders during work hours by addressing the concerns of your visitors alongside your team. You will have access to the entire system and an edge over your competitors with the availability of round-the-clock customer support.

Live Chat for Law Firms

Perks Of Live Chat Support For Law Firms.

Driving traffic to your website is only half the battle when looking to expand your client base. For a successful conversion – a legal website should engage and interact – with a client to make sure they get the required information and are satisfied.

A live chat feature is known to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction, with 81% satisfied visitors of all customer service channels.

Clients prefer a human-to-human interaction for inquiries on legal matters. Having a trained representative engage with them and answer their queries — can go a long way in converting a visitor into a loyal client.

Why Offer Live Chat On Your Website

An online chat team trained to guide and engage visitors can set your law firm apart. LiveChat Monitoring offers 24/7 customer support to all visitors on your business website.

Our live chat feature allows firms to expand their clientele and engage with every visitor — both during and outside office hours seeking legal assistance.

Our trained customer support team offers a course of action in real-time. Often people get distressed –when involved in a legal spat – and seek immediate resolutions. We can help ease their worries with a timely response and help them organise an appointment with your firm.

Our experienced live chat agents are skilled at engaging website visitors for Legal Firms and Attorneys to ensure that they never miss an opportunity to receive qualified leads.

Here are a few reasons why you should integrate a live chat feature on your business website.

Engage Visitors

It is vital to keep your visitors interested to increase chances of conversion: We make sure a curious visitor agrees to choose your firm to speak to about their need for legal representation.

Live Chat keeps visitors engaged with active support. And Live Chat Monitoring offers exactly that!

Our chat serves as a contact point – to engage, educate, and sign up – clients for your legal firm. It works much better when they know they are talking to a real person who understands what they are trying to say — and responds in real-time!

Build Rapport

People who seek legal assistance often need reassurance and quick guidance.

Live Chat Monitoring allows law firms to keep potential clients satisfied. When a client is aware of the course of action your law firm is anticipating and is readily updated, it induces trust between the client and the law firm.

With better engagement, your legal firm can build rapport and assist clients in other legal matters too.

Our role is to engage your website visitors using live chat, qualify the lead, and send it to your team for follow up and to book an appointment.

24/7 Customer Support

Offering customer support only during work hours is not enough to engage potential clients in today’s competitive world. People tend to look up services at a time that suits them best.

The team at Live Chat Monitoring makes sure all queries are dealt with and a course of action is suggested to keep the visitor interested in your service.

For questions that are field-specific or need the attention of a legal expert, our team adequately drafts the query and leaves a follow up for lawyers, to get back to the client as early as possible.   We handle the lead capture, YOU handle the legal advice!

Schedule Calls At A Preferred Time
People who come looking for answers on a Legal Firm’s website should not return without a satisfactory resolution.

Every visitor is a potential lead and may become a long-term client for your firm. Our live chat option allows them to schedule a call with a legal expert at their preferred time. This makes communication easy and reduces chances of them leaving your service for another firm.

Get More Leads
Your business should aim to convert as many leads as possible from the traffic on your website. When people are satisfied with the level of engagement, they are more likely to stick around with your firm.

With Live Chat Monitoring, you can expand your clientele and provide better legal services. A quick response and timely resolution is key to client retention for law firms.

Our team work with hundreds of Attorney and Law Firms to assist them with increasing their lead capture and grow their business!

What To Do

There’s no doubt, Live Chat for Law Firms makes your website more interactive and improves the user experience instantly.

Every visitor should be able to trust your service. Live Chat Monitoring makes a Legal Firm appear credible and worthy instantly. And helps you become the go-to choice for all legal representation.

Why wait? Contact us today to capitalize on the visitors to your website and expand your client base!


Live Chat for Builders and Property Developers

Buuilders and Property Developers – Here’s Why Live Chat Is On Absolute Must For Your Business Website

Whether you run an e-commerce platform or a traditional store, good customer service is crucial to generate and convert more leads. This is even more accurate for Builders, Property Developers, and Real Estate Agents — whose job relies on establishing rapport with potential clients every day.

The initial communication between a Builder and a buyer usually happens online, as over 93% of real estate purchases begin with a simple Internet search.

How Builders and Property Developers Benefit

As real-world interactions transpire to online platforms, buyers expect you to offer instant support. To offer good customer support, businesses must respond to customer queries quickly on the website.

Surprisingly, the live chat feature is still an untapped resource among many builders and property developers. It can help you understand the needs of the customer and close more sales.

Live Chat Monitoring on your website can help boost sales and maximize revenue for Builders and Developers. Here’s how live chat allows home builders to close more sales and offer excellent customer service.

Improve Engagement Rate

Live chat works in real time – to provide quick resolutions and answers – to customer queries. It is something buyers now expect from all businesses and not just those in the real estate industry.

Compared to other support mediums like email, phone or a contact form, live chat ranks higher in customer satisfaction.

Live Chat Monitoring does exceptionally well to add a human element that most websites lack. Often, buyers have questions while they are researchin that they may ask after work hours. Our trained customer support team can answer their questions and keep them interested.

An increasing number of people use mobile devices to visit websites and inquire about products or services.  Having Live Chat allows quick engagement and improves chances of converting an eager buyer into a client for your real estate business.

Convert More Leads

Live Chat Monitoring converts leads at a higher rate than the use of forms on a website, which tend to be more passive. This results in more qualified leads for builders and real estate agents, with a higher chance of conversion.

We ask the right questions to qualify and process each lead — so the website visitor remains interested and likely to engage with your business to buy or sell their property.

Our live chat software monitors all visitors on the website. And makes use of third-party analytics tools like Google Analytics to interpret and compile traffic patterns.    And our experienced team of live chat agents will engage your website visitors in conversations so that we can convert every possible lead for your sales team.

Live Chat is 85% more likely to convert leads into loyal customers for a business. The analytics report can help understand the target population and devise a better business strategy.

Capitalize On Website Traffic

The average website converts less than five percent of all website traffic. That means approximately 95% of your visitors leave without qualifying as a lead.

What would you do if your house openings had 95% of people walking through the front door for a look, but then then walked out without saying a word?   This is what’s happening on your website right NOW!   Live Chat is an amazing tool for engaging the 95% of visitors who leave without making content – Our experienced live chat agents can reach out and attempt to engage your website visitors in a conversation to help qualify as many leads as possible.

We can help find out where the opportunities are and show you how many more leads you could/SHOULD be capturing each day.

Minimize Your Costs

As a property developer, you always strive to find the most cost-effective way to engage buyers in your listings. Live chat decreases your customer service costs as it lowers the demand for 24/7 phone support.

Compared to other support channels, live chat tools are cheaper to integrate. It streamlines your lead generation efforts with real-time engagement. Live chats not only minimise costs for your real estate business, they also ensure a high return on investment from your Advertising budget.

The Final Say

Having a live chat feature on your website makes it more interactive and improves visitor experience. Potential clients are likely to engage with your business if their questions are readily answered.

Live Chat Monitoring makes builders and property developers more accessible and facilitates an easier online experience for submitting leads and enquiries.

Why not start today? Contact us now to expand your client base!

Outsourcing Your Live Chat – Here’s What You Need To Know

Outsourcing Your Live Chat – Here’s What You Need To Know

Tech innovations take place by the minute to offer us convenience, and one such blessing is the integration of live chat on websites.

The truth is: Customers hate being left in the dark. If they have a query, they want a response in 10 minutes or less (period).

An overwhelming number of businesses now offer live chat on their website and social media page to improve customer engagement and capitalize on business opportunities. If you don’t already have a live chat option for your website visitors, you’re missing out on potential leads and long-term customers. 

You cannot handle all customer queries on your own and that leaves you with two options — recruit an in-house team or outsource the service to a third-party.

Why Have Live Chat On Your Website 

You may have a good sales team, but are they able to engage all visitors on your website? 

There is no telling how much work one has to accomplish in a day. We all have our plates full — putting time aside to reply to each visitor can take a lot of time. 

That is where outsourcing companies like LiveChat Monitoring come in. A live chat feature is your best bet for one-on-one engagement with potential customers!

Don’t Worry! Customers don’t get annoyed with the live chat pop-up window. In fact, 91% of customers appreciate a live chat pop-up and feel it helps them make a purchase decision.

LiveChat Monitoring also collects useful data on demographics, which can help devise a better business strategy for the target population and keep them coming back. 

Around The Clock Support

Visitors love when they can reach out to a business 24/7 — and that is exactly what we offer! 

But if you go for an in-house team, will you keep your office running round the clock? Outsourcing your live chat can do wonders for your business. 

Won’t Burn A Hole In Your Pocket

Let’s delve into the specifics, if you have an in-house team you will need:

  • Arrangements to house the team 
  • Train them on customer service 
  • Buy equipment 

But if you outsource live chat to a credible service, it will take care of all curious visitors without burning a hole in your pocket. 

You have to pay as little as 20 cents per hour for a team of highly skilled agents. Isn’t that reasonable?  

From Initial Engagement To A Confirmed Lead 

You have to be cautious when reaching out to potential customers online — you want to appear as a trustworthy source there to guide you. 

The analytics report compiled by LiveChat Monitoring helps convert more leads. It gives a comprehensive view on:  

  • Geographic location of visitors 
  • Most visited pages 
  • Number of times a visitor has been on your website 
  • Bounce rate for each page 

We Have Your Back

If you handle customer service on your own, chance are you are knee-deep in work and often are not able to reach out to potential customers on time. 

A customer may feel ignored and choose your rival — just because of a delay in response on your part. 

With LiveChat Monitoring, our agents will engage, answer queries, and guide customers toward closing a deal with your business.

Think of all the visitors you can capitalize on and sell your product or service to. Once you are done for the day our live chat will remain active — and be at your service 24/7.

Interested? Let’s Activate Live Chat 

You can focus on everyday business operations with our quality live chat service. We make sure that all customer queries are answered, and visitors are engaged to purchase your product or service. 

So why wait? Sign up for the service and we will send a javascript code — and within 30 seconds our live chat feature will be integrated on your website!

Direct Connect Secret Shopper 2019

Our friends at Direct Connect have just released their lead response research for the Australian Automotive Industry!

The study looked at online lead handling by car dealerships across the country, and was conducted over several weeks.

In total, over 1800 mystery shop leads were submitted to to 600 automotive dealers. There was 42 brands included in the study.

The Secret Shopper project looked at how online leads were handled, and bench-marked lead response times, as well as lead response rates.

The results were surprising, to say the least!

The results show:

• The average response time to online leads is 12 hours and 45 minutes (calendar hours).

• The average response time to online leads is 4 hours and 42 minutes (business hours).

Check out the Whitepaper here!

Why home builders need live chat

Why home builders need Live Chat

As a home builder you are always on the go, with a range of manual, managerial and administrative responsibilities.

This goes from interpreting plans to organising contractors and coordinating their payments. And as much as you would like to be able to always be there to help your customers, the speed of the building industry make it challenging.

As a matter of fact, home builders spend several hours of their day on the phone receiving calls with customer enquiries and trying to solve each of them with their best approach. However, businesses are migrating into the digital space and they need to find solutions to always be accessible. Live Chat is a perfect add-on for your website to ensure you have a 24/7 web-receptionist ready to engage with your customers and answer to their questions and enquiries any time, any where.

Live Chat Monitoring is already part and parcel of the home builder’s industry in assisting potential customers in real time.

The success of Live Chat is in part thanks to the Live Chat team’s ability in being able to ask questions that will help determine specific needs of potential customers, and communicating back to the business for you to provide services quickly.

From the most detailed specifications and measurements, to parts or repair request, Live Chat services engage with potential customers and ensure their assistance is readily available and visible once a visitor lands on your webpage.

Insights: Qualified leads through Live Chat

Live Chat monitoring, has partnered with National and Local builders across Australia.

The experience for this type of industry, after 3 weeks of having Live Chat in their website, exceeded their leads by 25% higher than usual and in the following months their leads continued to increase by an average of 10-15%, with a current conversion rate of around 55%.

What do all these percentages mean? They mean that Live Chat was an active point of engagement when potential customers were visiting the business’ website. It was the perfect point of contact to request a quote, ask for deliveries or installations, enquire about services, replacements, costs, timings and availability. The reason why all of these potential customers converted into customers, was thanks to the information collected by the conversation in Live Chat, which was emailed back to the business and the business took straight action in resolving the multiple enquiries.

Enhance Customer Engagement

As a customer all you want when browsing the web are timely responses to questions and assurance that the business you are reaching out to is open to build a relationship with you and care about your needs. Live Chat is skilled to assess your customers and help them setting appointments and better understand what they are after, providing a positive user experience and helping increase the use of your services.

You might find it challenging to be responsive to customers as it’s a competitive environment. However, to help them stand out Live Chat can ensure that new customer enquiries are captured and sent to you for immediate follow up. While on the other hand your home builder’s team is out solving customers problems and transforming their houses into their dream places.

Make Live Chat your favorite tool to engage potential customers online and turn them into qualified leads and future customers.
For more information visit:

How Live Chat Monitoring Can Change (And Grow) Your Online Business

How Live Chat Monitoring Can Change (And Grow) Your Online Business


Everything seems to be on-demand these days: you can binge-watch six seasons of your favourite television show in one sitting, get food delivered to your door at any time of day, and outsource any task you can’t be bothered completing. In an age of instant access, many consumers are no longer willing to wait or go out of their way to obtain information, products, or services. As a business owner, the thought of trying to keep up with this kind of constant demand can be incredibly daunting. But thanks to live chat software, you’ve got the tools to give customers what they want (and expect).

Top of Form


This might appear to be an unnecessary question—after all, you’re reading this guide so you’re probably at least somewhat familiar with the idea of live chat—but let’s just make sure we’re all on the same (web)page. Live chat software is a real-time communication tool for websites that’s convenient for all parties, familiar to your customers, and, perhaps most importantly, human. No one wants to wait three days to receive a canned, impersonal email or struggle for 30 minutes to navigate an automated phone system. Live chat helps customers connect with your brand in a new—and better—way.

How can live chat software help my business?

What do your customers want? Assistance! When do they want it? Now! Ok, so maybe no one’s going to picket your business with handwritten signs and annoyingly catchy chants. But, as social media and marketing consultant Brian Honigman explains in this The Next Web (TNW) article, “If your business doesn’t put the customer in charge, then you’re not likely to succeed in the future.” It’s important to remember that when your customers are ready to buy, they are ready to buy now—not when it’s most convenient for you—and if you miss the chance to lock in their business at the right time, it may be gone forever. But offering instantaneous support to your customers is just one benefit of using live chat. Let’s take a look at several more advantages:


Improve Page Rank

Leads drive your business, but to increase your number of leads you need to drive more traffic to your website—and live chat can help you do that. Dwell time—the time it takes the user to return back to search results—plays a role in how search engines (like Google, Bing, and Yahoo) determine page rank. Engaging your customers via live chat can keep them on your website longer, increasing dwell time—and over time, your page rank.

Turn Leads Into Customers

What do you do once you’ve got all those leads? You capture them by engaging with those visitors by using live chat software. According to a 2014 Website Magazine study, consumers who use live chat software “are more likely to buy and less likely to abandon their sessions.” Plus, live chat gives you a great opportunity to upsell customers by offering a current discount code or plugging complementary products and services. Cha-ching.


Improve Conversion Rates

Say you’re at a restaurant and have a tough time picking an entree. What do you do? If you’re like us, you ask the waiter for a recommendation. But what if you can’t physically be there for your customers? That’s where live chat comes into play. Using live chat on product or check-out pages (or any page with a high exit rate) to engage these indecisive customers works so well that, according to a survey referenced in this Conversion Scientist article, “‘Around 44% of online consumers say that having questions answered by a live person while in the middle of an online purchase is one of the most important features a web site can offer.’’ When your customers can’t decide between a few different products or services, live chat can help.


Increase Buyer Confidence

Direct and personal interaction via live chat tells customers that you care about them. Perhaps that’s why customers who use chat are three times more likely to buy—and buy more than they intended. Remember the TNW article from earlier? Honigman asserts that live chat “often increases the average order value of customer purchases since many of these customers are getting helpful advice and insights on what to shop for matched with their interests, as well as answers to any product questions they might have.” That means more revenue, happier customers, and fewer refunds (and negative online reviews).

Differentiate Your Business

How many other small businesses in your market use live chat? If the answer is “not many,” then live chat software could help you stand out from your competitors in a competitive market. Not only does live chat improve the customer experience for the customers who actually use the chat, but the data you gather from using chat can help you improve the customer service for all your website visitors. (Psst—this also helps with customer retention.)


How to Come Back From Holidays to an Inbox Full of NEW Leads

One of the most popular times of the year is here, Christmas is taking over, and soon it will be 2019!

While one side of you is planning to go on holidays, have a nice family time and enjoy all the food and drinks that the season brings, your “business-owner-side” might be thinking about how to ensure your company is still generating leads while you are enjoying the festivities.

Christmas is a season of high competition where thousands of users are browsing multiple websites and sometimes a quick chat can turn these users into customers. What better way of doing this, than through Live Chat, a customer service tool that allows your business to engage with your website customers by chatting and answering all their enquiries in real time.

What would it feel like to go on holidays and come back to an inbox full of NEW leads?

Live Chat Monitoring is the way to keep on generating NEW leads 24/7, 365 days a year, no breaks in between. What this means for your business:

Your website will be attended 24/7 by our Live Chat monitoring team

Most companies have a receptionist, who directly interacts with customers visiting the office or the ones calling with different enquiries. Live Chat works in a similar way but in a different environment. It is your 24/7 online web-receptionist. Yes, you read right, online web-receptionist. What this means is that when your customers are visiting your website they have the opportunity to chat, in real time, and get the answers to their enquiries. This is a great strategy to increase your user’s engagement with your brand, products and services and retain them as customers, even when your own staff are not available to answer.

Real humans are behind Live Chat

You might be asking yourself, so by this you mean there are no automated robots with a prescribed script? Exactly right, Live Chat’s added value is their own agent’s team who studies your business brand, products and services information, and uses your company’s tone of voice to guide potential users through an easy customer journey. The live-chat agents’ main goal is to answer all your customers’ enquiries and ensure they leave happy after their chat.

Receive all your NEW leads in your mailbox

As the two weeks holiday fly by, you can get excited to come back to work and hit 2019 with a mailbox full of new leads. Thanks to the after-hours service Live Chat offers, you can be sure that when you’re offline, you can still be in touch with your website visitors. Live Chat will keep a transcript record of every single customer they engaged with. They will provide real time emails with your potential customer´s name, mobile number, email and enquiry for you to get back to them.

So don’t miss out on the opportunity to have a 24/7/365 days online receptionist working to obtain NEW leads for your business while you are recharging yourself with family and friends.

Get your website Live Chat going and come back from holidays to an inbox full of NEW leads.

For more information visit:

How To Get The Most From Your Live Chat Account

How To Get The Most From Your Live Chat Account


Tip 1: Keep Us Updated!

Keeping us in the loop with your current promotions, events, sales, new openings and locations, or any other changes in your business, will ensure we have the most up-to-date information at hand.

Having updated information means we can update our scripts and ensure we’re telling as many people as possible about your deals, events, sales and more.


Tip 2:  Set Up Proactive Chat Messages

A proactive chat message means that a chat window will pop up on a specific page on your website, with custom messages relating to that page. For example, “I see you’re looking at our custom framing service. Please let me know if you have any specific questions about it.”

We’d love for you to identify your top 5 pages, or top 5 products or services. Send us the 5 URLs with your preferred proactive message so we can help you engage people on these pages.

The holiday season may be upon us, and your store, shop or business location may be closed for a number of days over the break, but the internet – and your website – doesn’t close. People will still visit it. And if we’re not updated on hours, locations, deals and offers, we can’t help your customers as effectively as we’d like.

83% of shoppers need support to complete a purchase. 83%!  Live chat gives your company a chance to reach out to customers first, so you can head off potential problems that might contribute to customer churn.

Don’t lose out. Email and we’ll update your scripts, so you can continue to gain – and retain – customers.

The Benefits Of Live Chat For Your Business

The Benefits Of Live Chat For Your Business

Live chat is a valuable tool for your business. Let us break down a few key reasons as to why…

Reduced Expenses

Let’s cut straight to the chase: telephone support can be costly. It’s limited (unless you’re prepared to hire customer service operators around the clock). It’s often the cause of frustration for customers who dislike long waits on hold.

Live chat is instant, it offers a quick answer to your potential customers’ question/s, and establishes trust.

Increased Sales

There are several studies that prove that live chat helps in increasing the overall sales of a business.

This American Marketing Association study shows that live chat can increase conversions by at least 20 percent. The same report states that customers who use live chat are three times more likely to make purchases than those who don’t.

Live chat plays an influential role in generating leads and making sales. Live chat offers visitors instant access to our trained live chat agents, which in turn have more opportunities to capture details from these potential customers, which you can turn into successful sales for your business.

Improved Customer Service and Loyalty

In our time poor world, there’s immense value in visitors to your page receiving an answer within seconds – that kind of efficient and convenient customer service cannot be underestimated.

The Customer Service Benchmark survey of 2000 consumers found out that live chat has the highest customer satisfaction levels at 73 percent, as compared to 61 percent for email support and only 44 percent for traditional phone support.

Discover Customer Pain Points

Pain points refer to a customers’ problem that has not been resolved or that has not been answered. With traditional customer support systems, such as phone calls or email support, it is difficult to identify your customer’s pain points since they may only be heard or received by one team or an individual.

With live chat, you have access to all chat histories, which can be sorted, searched and filtered to quickly recognise customer pain points. Addressing the problems or needs of customers is a significant benefit of live chat.

Convenience For Customers

Sure, one of the main factors that will determine the success of your business is the quality of your service or product. Nonetheless, how convenient and easily accessible your customer service is makes for a close second.

Live chat facilitates your website visitors with prompt access to our support agents. When your visitors can easily contact you with any questions or problems that they may have, they will be more confident in your company as a vendor and a source of valuable knowledge and support.