Use live chat to improve your business’ customer retention

As most business owners know, it is more expensive to get new customers than keeping the existing ones.   Securing new customers is believed to be 5 to 10 times more expensive.   Having new clients is essential to every business but over time, acquiring new clients can get more difficult, which is why it is very important to find ways to retain your existing customers.   According to recent studies by Harvard Business School, by increasing customer retention rates by 5% the earning potential of businesses can be increased by 25% to 95%.

Keeping your existing clients’ happy is critical to the growth of your business.   Existing clients are likely to return again (and again!) if they have a positive experience, and if the experience is exceptional they may choose refer their friends and family.
Building customer loyalty is a great way to retain your clients.    Establishing customer loyalty can be done by making sure that your clients’ concerns and inquiries are addressed quickly.
Here are some ways to improve customer retention rates:
1. Make sure that you engage with your customers.   A recent survey showed that more than half of the participants said that giving importance to the customer’s time is one of the best things a company can do.   This proves that in order to build customer loyalty, a business must be able to attend to customers’ questions and needs in a timely, accurate and friendly manner.
2. Give your customers real-time convenience.   Having multiple ways for customers to get in contact with you is always a good thing!   Being able to interact with customers while they are on your website makes it easier for them to ask questions and express interest in purchasing your products or services.
3. Provide WOW experiences to your clients. Exceeding customers’ expectations gives them an impression that you value them as a customer.   It makes them feel confident knowing that you’re not just about making sales, but that you’re focused on providing excellent customer service as well.
To be able to do these things, you need a form of communication that will allow you to interact with them the quickest way possible. Having live chat service on your website will allow you to engage with your customers and provide them service that will surely exceed their expectations.
By adding to your website, your customers’ enquiries are addressed quickly and efficiently.   Our experienced operators can interact with visitors and clients that will enable your business to build relationships and give them personalised service.
There are many ways to help you make your business grow and expand your clientele. Take the time to consider using as a form of communication and it will surely boost the effectiveness of your business’ customer service and lead capture.

Live Chat Monitoring new website launch

It’s been a long count down to launching our new live chat monitoring website, and finally the day has come!

We are really excited to launch the new design, and even more excited to announce our new features.  Some of which are:

  • Facebook Integration:  Now you can turn your facebook fans into new sales leads!   Our live chat software can be integrated into your Facebook Page and allows people to chat to a real person (in real time!) and submit their enquiry details without having to leave Facebook.
  • Self Managed Operators:  We often get asked if people can monitor their own live chat during business hours, and then have us take over to handle enquiries after hours.  Well, now we can!    With our self managed operator option you can choose the number of operators you need, and you can sign in to receive chats whenever you’re available.   When you sign off, we’ll instantly take over so that you’re never offline.
  • Customisation:  Do you want to redesign our chat window to better match your website?  No problem!  We now have options available that allow you to customise the widget design, or we can do it for you.   Contact us for a free quote.

There’s a number of other live chat monitoring features to be released soon, stay tuned!    

7 Tips for making the most of Live Chat software

When you have installed live chat software on your website, it is wise of course to utilise it.   Here are some of the tips that will help you connect, engage and convert more effectively.
1. Respond quickly. The biggest turn off will be to keep your customers waiting. Remember that once a customer inquires through live chat, you are really close to making a sale. Likewise, if you ignore the live chat, even if unintentionally, it is like you waste your opportunity.
2. Be ONLINE as much as possible. Try to imagine a store that is always closed, or a store without any available salesman, do you think you would still go back and buy? The answer is obvious. Thus it is important to be available at all times. Because a golden opportunity may knock anytime and it’s important you’re online to make the most of your live chat software.
3. Steer clear from canned responses. Make your messages more personalised. This will give a customer an idea that he is not talking to a robot but to a human being who really cares to provide him a great product and excellent service. Although canned messages will save you time and energy, a personalized message will take you a long way.
4. Be careful of your grammar and tone. Use proper English at all times. Be polite and be sincere. Check your spelling first before sending your message. Avoid modern abbreviations like LOL (laugh out loud), BRB (be right back), GTG (got to go) and a lot more. Make sure that you are very friendly but still professional.
5. If you don’t know the answer, get their contact details and information so you can revert back.  Always demonstrate to the customer that you’re there to help them with their enquiries, and if you can’t answer their specific question you will put them in contact with someone who can.
6. If the chats are not related in any way to your business, be polite. Do not burn bridges. For that person can be your customer the next day.
7. Lastly, why worry when you can have professionals to do all these things for you (and more)? You can avail the very cost effective Live Chat Monitoring services and the very efficient live chat operators can do the job for you. It is like actually paying for an effective salesman who can respond to all your clients’ queries 24/7. How cool is that? Visit to know more about our services and how we can be of help to you and your company.  We’ll even provide the live chat software as part of our service!

Attracting Customers and Increasing Conversion with Live Chat Monitoring

Many website owners are still unsure on why they should install live chat software on their sites. Truth is, with each passing day that they contemplate, they waste a day of possible sales. So what are the amazing ways to make sure that the live chat works to your advantage?
1. Choose live chat software that is user friendly – and budget friendly. If you need a helping hand, make sure that it doesn’t eat up a big part of your budget, otherwise, even if your sales double up, a big chunk of it will just go to your monthly expenses.   Adding live chat software to your website should always be seen as an investment, and when done correctly the ROI is overwhelmingly positive!
2. A proactive live chat is better than an idle one. Once a chat pops up, the customer will immediately notice it and see the proactive message and are then encouraged to engage with you so you can answer their questions or enquiries.
3. Install it on your mobile phone. That way you won’t miss any sales opportunity. You can answer clients’ queries wherever you are and whatever you do. If they see that you are always online, you create an impression that you are trustworthy as a service provider.
4. Make it real and create a more personalised experience. No one likes talking to a machine. Instead of canned messages to answer customers’ queries, you should engage with them personally in a tone that’s friendly and receptive.
5. Choose a live chat software provider that goes an extra mile to provide you with detailed reports. The reports will help you ascertain your market. You will be able to get real time statistics showing your visitors locations, browsers and referring websites.   The reporting will also show you how the service is performing with statistics on usage and response times.
6. Make sure that you have a beautiful interface. Personalize your live chat complementing the colors, style and theme of your website and business.  This helps the live chat window seemly integrate with your site and gives visitors more confidence to engage.
7. Look for a reputable provider of live chat monitoring services to ensure you are online 24/7 and never miss out on an opportunity to engage with your website visitors.

The benefits of outsourcing live chat

As a business owner, you need to save two things: time and money. So you actively look for ways to do this. Outsourcing is one way you can achieve this. Many companies are already using outsourced workers such as accountants and graphic designers. The key is to obtain great customer service reps who will best represent you. In addition, you need leads. But not just any lead. You need targeted leads who are most interested in what you have to offer to connect with you. Getting lots of traffic to your website does no good if your bounce rate is high. Google notices this and repeatedly high bounce rates can get your site lowered in the search results. Outsourcing live chat to a fully managed 24/7 live chat monitoring company takes the worry off of how you will handling customer enquiries, as well as your leads generation service.

Some of the benefits of outsourcing live chat to a dedicated customer support team include:

  1. You get a whole team of live chat professionals who are specialised in lead capture, and they can assist your customers with their online enquiries. You could save lots of money on leads generation, and you can achieve colocation of services by mainstreaming your leads generation and customer service solutions in one place.
  2. You will increase your customer engagement, which will lead to higher sales and loyal customers. Having a live chat team online 24/7 guarantees that someone will always be online and ready to respond when your customers need them.  It’s estimated that around 45% of web traffic comes from the time period outside of normal business hours. If your outsourced team is always there during this time, you will be able to capture new leads that you otherwise may have missed out on. It’s important that your online customer service reps be available at all times to potentially receive a live chat enquiry.
  3. The quality of your customer service will improve when you have a dedicated team of live chat professionals who can take care of your customers’ needs. You will also save money by not having to hire a dedicated ‘in-house’ person or employee to take care of customers’ needs.
  4. When you increase the quality of your customer service, it will result in more leads and enquiries and a better user experience. This leads to a higher degree of customer satisfaction. Better customer service leads to more brand loyalty and it can create more brand evangelists for your company.
  5. Outsourcing live chat to a dedicated team of professionals saves you money!  Hiring your own staff to cover 24/7 shifts is expensive and inefficient, you can benefit from working with a company that provides a fully managed service and offers you access to using their team of live chat agents to ensure you always have someone online and available for a fraction of the cost of trying to do it yourself.


When you are looking for an all-in-one solution for your leads generation and customer service, you should consider outsourcing to a dedicated support team. Live Chat Monitoring can provide you with this solution. Our team is expertly trained in lead generation and handling initial customer enquiries. We have customer service professionals online 24/7, so you never miss an opportunity to convert passive website visitors into  an active lead or enquiry. You will save time and money by outsourcing live chat to our team so that your staff can focus on turning the leads we get for you into real customers and brand evangelists. This will increase your return on investment and bottom line as well. Now that’s power!