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Outsource Your Live Chat – Here’s Why You Should Do It Now!

Outsource Your Live Chat – Here’s Why You Should Do It Now! You’ll notice that most websites you visit are full of live chat tools and chatbots with amazing offers to increase conversions, make sales and reduce customer service wait … Read More

GDPR May 25th

Introduction The General Data Protection Regulation, commonly referred to as GDPR, is new privacy law for the European Union (EU) that introduces an updated framework for handling and protecting the personal data of EU-based residents. The new law empowers users … Read More

Generate leads while you sleep

Generate higher revenues during off-seasons via 24/7 live Customer Support In search of services that pay off even during off-season slumps? Looking for ways to increase customer satisfaction by reducing customer service response time? You may have all the right … Read More

Live Chat Improves Conversion Rates

With an abundance of mixed marketing messages, confusing products and competition available across the internet, it’s not uncommon for consumers to find themselves lost or unsure about where to take their purchasing decision. Fortunately, web development capabilities now allow for … Read More

Your website needs a Receptionist!

24/7 Live Chat: Your Go-To Website Receptionist The roles of a receptionist are diverse. They are the very first point of contact in organizations, welcoming and directing clients and also handling inquiries in person over call or email. In retail … Read More

Live Chat Monitoring Video

We’ve put together a little video to explain what live chat monitoring is all about. Transcript: So you have a website, and you probably spend money advertising your website to get more people to come visit your page. But how many … Read More

Live Chat is a Simple and Effective Support Tool for your website

Live chat started as a personal communication tool but now it has transformed into a fundamental tool of communication for any business. You can now offer useful applications for companies and their customers.   This form of rapid communication allows … Read More

Benefits of live chat

Imagine your sales and support professionals delivering immediate responses to your customers questions in real-time. Great customer service turns traffic into profits and customer loyalty.   Live chat has the ability to provide the convenient answers that customers want, while … Read More

The Live Chat Monitoring Advantage

WHAT ARE YOU MISSING OUT ON IF YOU DON’T HAVE LIVE CHAT MONITORING ON YOUR WEBSITE?   By now, we’ve all read and gotten to know the wonderful things that live chat can do for your company’s website. Increased conversion … Read More

Use live chat to improve your business’ customer retention

As most business owners know, it is more expensive to get new customers than keeping the existing ones.   Securing new customers is believed to be 5 to 10 times more expensive.   Having new clients is essential to every … Read More