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Live Chat Monitoring new website launch

It’s been a long count down to launching our new live chat monitoring website, and finally the day has come! We are really excited to launch the new design, and even more excited to announce our new features.  Some of … Read More

7 Tips for making the most of Live Chat software

When you have installed live chat software on your website, it is wise of course to utilise it.   Here are some of the tips that will help you connect, engage and convert more effectively.   1. Respond quickly. The … Read More

Attracting Customers and Increasing Conversion with Live Chat Monitoring

Many website owners are still unsure on why they should install live chat software on their sites. Truth is, with each passing day that they contemplate, they waste a day of possible sales. So what are the amazing ways to … Read More

The benefits of outsourcing live chat

As a business owner, you need to save two things: time and money. So you actively look for ways to do this. Outsourcing is one way you can achieve this. Many companies are already using outsourced workers such as accountants … Read More