live chat operators - Customer Service and Lead Capture 24/7

Customer Service and Lead Capture 24/7

  • Keep your customers happy, even while your business sleeps
  • Facebook Messenger integration allows you to convert more leads from social media
  • Operate effortlessly in any time zone, on any device
  • Engage leads in real time and secure more sales
  • Build positive brand reputation, quickly and easily.
Co-Managed Options

Co-Managed Options

Take control of Live Chat on the job.

Want to handle your own live chat enquiries during business hours? No problem!

Our flexible software allows you to add additional “self-managed Operators” to deliver a more comprehensive, real-time service to your web visitors during their workday.

When they’re available to chat, your staff can simply log into our web client and start receiving live enquiries.

Offline? We’ve still got you covered.

Need to attend a meeting, take a break or head home for the day? Our intelligent live chat software will re-direct chats to our team if you don't respond to a new chat enquiry within a set period of time.   This ensures that even if you're busy your website visitors will always get a quick response.

We’ll keep capturing new leads while you’re away from your desk, ensuring your business is completely covered until you’re ready to chat again.

Monthly Reporting

Monthly Reporting

  • Get detailed monthly reports. Find out what’s working and where
  • Utilize tools that help you better understand your customer’s wants
  • See how your web pages are performing: lead captures, average response times and more!
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Easy Installation

It’s as easy as:

  • Sign up
  • Receive an email with simple instructions and easy coding (javascript)
  • Copy and paste coding into your website
  • And you’re done!
  • No technical skills required. Scout’s Honour!
Customized Scripting

Customized Scripting

We’re experts at what we do – our professional team can handle any query your customers throw at us. But you always set what we can and can’t say about your business.

How? Before we begin working with you, we’ll send you a comprehensive questionnaire covering everything we need to know about your business and the kinds of questions you want us to answer for you. It includes:

  • Basic info – location(s), opening hours, what your business does, etc.
  • FAQs – answers to common questions your web visitors may ask and how to respond to them

You can update your information anytime – if you’re offering new products or services, have a special event coming up, change location or extend your opening times.

What if we get thrown a curve ball?

If we receive an enquiry that’s off the script you’ve set for us, we’ll:

  1. Let the customer know we’ll refer their enquiry to a member of the team (your team!) who can assist them
  2. Collect their contact information and the details of their enquiry
  3. Contact your staff immediately so they can respond with the appropriate information.
Proactive Invitation

Proactive Invitation

With Live Chat Monitoring, you can set up proactive chat messages based on which page your visitor is looking at in real time.  This can:

  • Convey the impression that you’re ready and waiting for their query – just as if they were in a bricks and mortar store
  • Show you’re responsive to their needs
  • Target visitors in a way that's relevant to their needs

How it works.

Say, for example, you have a car dealership. On your fleet page we can create a proactive chat message to appear after a set time to encourage a visitor to strike up a conversation – just as your sales staff would in the showroom.

A window might pop up saying:

"Hello! Are you considering a fleet vehicle for your business? Have you got any questions I can help you with?"

Prompt positive interaction for better results.

By engaging your visitors in a way that’s more relevant to them in real time, we can reach out with assistance before they search elsewhere for more information.

It also means we can help you capture the very best quality leads – those ones more likely to convert into sales.