Live Chat Monitoring – GDPR Statement

GDPR Compliance Statement

At Live Chat Monitoring, Protecting Your Data is Our Top Priority

We are proud to affirm our compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), safeguarding the privacy and protection of our clients’ data, whether we act as a data controller or data processor.

Our commitment extends to ensuring the secure transfer of data outside the EU to our servers in Australia, the USA, or ASIA.

How We Achieve GDPR Compliance:

Transparency in Data Transfer: Although the regions where we process data may not have an EU adequacy decision, we ensure your data’s protection through robust technological and organizational measures, alongside stringent contracts with our third-party suppliers.

We primarily use Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs) approved by the European Commission to safeguard your data during international transfers. When SCCs aren’t applicable, we may rely on specific derogations under Article 49 of the GDPR, such as performing contracts or obtaining your explicit, informed consent for the transfer.

Your Data, Securely Handled: Our live chat services are powered by reputable third-party providers, including Snapengage and Zendesk, chosen for their strong GDPR compliance stances. We maintain that your conversation transcripts are securely stored for two years, ensuring confidentiality and integrity, before they are responsibly deleted.

Expert-Guided Compliance: With the expertise of an independent GDPR Advisory Firm, we’ve fortified our legal policies and procedures to exceed GDPR standards. Our IT and cybersecurity teams implement best practices to ensure that your data is processed with the highest level of security, mirroring the stringent data protection standards found in Europe.

Your Rights and Our Obligations: We are dedicated to upholding your rights under GDPR, including access, rectification, and erasure of your data. For any requests or questions regarding your data, our Privacy Policy, or Terms of Service, please reach out to us. Our team is here to assist you with understanding and exercising your rights.

Commitment to Continuous Improvement: Our GDPR compliance is an ongoing journey. We are committed to regularly reviewing and enhancing our data protection practices to ensure they meet the evolving standards and your expectations.

Contact Us: For further details on our data protection practices or to make a GDPR-related inquiry, please contact us.

Your trust and security are paramount to us, and we’re always here to help.


Updated: 20th February, 2024.