How to Come Back From Holidays to an Inbox Full of NEW Leads

One of the most popular times of the year fast approaching, Christmas is fast approaching, and soon it will be 2021!

While one side of you is planning to go on holidays, have a nice family time and enjoy all the food and drinks that the season brings, your “business-owner-side” might be thinking about how to ensure your company is still generating leads while you are enjoying the festivities.

Christmas is a season of high competition where thousands of users are browsing multiple websites and sometimes a quick chat can turn these users into customers. What better way of doing this, than through Live Chat, a customer service tool that allows your business to engage with your website customers by chatting and answering all their enquiries in real time.

What would it feel like to go on holidays and come back to an inbox full of NEW leads?

Live Chat Monitoring is the way to keep on generating NEW leads 24/7, 365 days a year, no breaks in between. What this means for your business:

Your website will be attended 24/7 by our Live Chat monitoring team

Most companies have a receptionist, who directly interacts with customers visiting the office or the ones calling with different enquiries. Live Chat works in a similar way but in a different environment. It is your 24/7 online web-receptionist. Yes, you read right, online web-receptionist. What this means is that when your customers are visiting your website they have the opportunity to chat, in real time, and get the answers to their enquiries. This is a great strategy to increase your user’s engagement with your brand, products and services and retain them as customers, even when your own staff are not available to answer.

Real humans are behind Live Chat

You might be asking yourself, so by this you mean there are no automated robots with a prescribed script? Exactly right, Live Chat Monitoring’s added value is their own team of live chat agents’ who study your business, as well as your products and services, and uses your company’s tone of voice to guide potential users through an easy customer journey. The live-chat agents’ main goal is to answer all your customers’ enquiries and ensure they leave happy after their chat.

Receive all your NEW leads in your mailbox

As the two weeks holiday fly by, you can get excited to come back to work and hit 2021 with a mailbox full of new leads. Thanks to the after-hours service that Live Chat Monitoring offers, you can be sure that when you’re offline, you can still be in touch with your website visitors.

Our team will keep a transcript record of every single customer they engaged with, and we’ll provide real time emails with your potential customer´s name, mobile number, email and enquiry for you to get back to them.

So don’t miss out on the opportunity to have a 24/7 and 365 day online receptionist working to obtain NEW leads for your business while you are recharging yourself with family and friends.

Get your website Live Chat going and come back from holidays to an inbox full of NEW leads.

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