How To Get The Most From Your Live Chat Account

How To Get The Most From Your Live Chat Account


Tip 1: Keep Us Updated!

Keeping us in the loop with your current promotions, events, sales, new openings and locations, or any other changes in your business, will ensure we have the most up-to-date information at hand.

Having updated information means we can update our scripts and ensure we’re telling as many people as possible about your deals, events, sales and more.


Tip 2:  Set Up Proactive Chat Messages

A proactive chat message means that a chat window will pop up on a specific page on your website, with custom messages relating to that page. For example, “I see you’re looking at our custom framing service. Please let me know if you have any specific questions about it.”

We’d love for you to identify your top 5 pages, or top 5 products or services. Send us the 5 URLs with your preferred proactive message so we can help you engage people on these pages.

The holiday season may be upon us, and your store, shop or business location may be closed for a number of days over the break, but the internet – and your website – doesn’t close. People will still visit it. And if we’re not updated on hours, locations, deals and offers, we can’t help your customers as effectively as we’d like.

83% of shoppers need support to complete a purchase. 83%!  Live chat gives your company a chance to reach out to customers first, so you can head off potential problems that might contribute to customer churn.

Don’t lose out. Email and we’ll update your scripts, so you can continue to gain – and retain – customers.

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