Live Chat for Home Builders and Property Developers

Why is live chat for home builders an essential addition to your website?

When a potential customer walks into your office or display home, your team is there to greet them, answer their initial questions, and help explain why you’re the right choice to build their dream home.

It seems obvious that you wouldn’t invite someone into your physical office or showroom if you didn’t have someone there to welcome them and offer assistance…

But what about your website?

Your website is a 24/7 online showroom for your business, but if you’re not using live chat then you’re missing an opportunity to speak to visitors and offer them assistance.

An experienced live chat agent can help you turn curious website visitors into qualified home buyer leads, and ensures that you maximise the return from your marketing spend that drives traffic to your site.

If you want to make sure that your prospective home buyer gets the answers and solutions they’ve come looking for..

It’s time to look beyond the traditional form or phone-based customer service solutions.

Live chat enables website visitors to ask questions and organise to speak to your sales team by simply chatting to an Agent who’s already online and ready to assist.

Our team works with hundreds of home builders across the country, and we deliver thousands of qualified leads to our clients every day!

We are experts in offering live chat for home builders.

Live Chat Monitoring For Home Builders – The Benefits

Today’s digitally-driven buyers are time-poor, and they need their queries resolved quickly.

If potential customers don’t find the answers they need quickly, they often disappear and look for another builder that can provide the answers they need.

The Home Building Industry is hyper-competitive, and now more than ever it’s critical that your website provides:

  • The right tools to engage with customers who have questions about building a home
  • The ability to provide responses outside of traditional business hours
  • Ability to track queries in real-time to ensure that leads are followed up appropriately

Providing the right support channels for website visitors to immediately get answers and support can make the difference between capturing a lead, or losing a key opportunity to a competitor.

Enter:  Live Chat Monitoring for Home Builders!

Research shows that website visitors who engage via live chat are 4.5x more valuable to businesses such as yours than those who don’t.

That’s because these prospects are more likely to convert to an appointment, and more appointments means more home sales!

And that’s just the start.

Here is a quick guide to the benefits of adding 24/7 live chat support for your home builder website:

Lead With Real-Time Conversations

Buying a home can be an exciting experience for many first time home buyers.

But it can also be confusing as there are so many Builders to choose from!

Making it simple and easy for potential buyers to contact you will help ensure that you don’t miss an opportunity to engage with someone who has questions they need answered.

With live chat software and an experienced live chat agent on your website, you can help ensure that you capture additional leads ahead of your competitors.

Home Builders who only offer phone and email support are missing a huge opportunity to make it EASY for customers to enquire.

The average home builder website converts less than 10% of website visitors into a lead.

This means that 90% of people visiting your website will leave without making contact.   Why?

Our team of live agents can engage your website visitors in a conversation and simply ask:  “How can we help you?”

Our aim is to help your website visitors find the information they need, and help them feel comfortable to submit their details so that your sales team can make contact and assist them further.

Get Actionable Leads

The only way for homebuilders to get real ROI from their website is to turn it into a lean-mean lead generation machine.

Live chat monitoring is an indispensable tool for home builders to engage website visitors and turbo-charge your sales funnel.

When prospects come to your website to look at houses and understand their options, striking features like live walk-throughs and interactive floor plans are amazingly valuable for helping showcase your designs.

But what happens when the prospect has a question or needs something clarified?

An experienced live chat team can help answer frequently asked questions and help capture qualified leads for your sales team.

We know that not every website visitor is ready to submit a lead, but when people are researching options they will often use live chat to ask an initial question.

And then when they are ready, they’ll return to your website and submit a lead because they know you’re responsive and available when they need help.

Use Your Website To Its Full Potential

According to Neil Patel, nearly 96% of your site’s visitors are only there to collect information while searching for the right vendor to contact.

If they can’t find what they are looking for, there’s a risk that they’ll head over to your competitor’s site to find the answers they need.

Providing live chat on your website ensures that you are always there with a quick answer if they want to find a particular page or property they saw on your website earlier.

Our team of live chat agents are specifically trained to work with builders and property developers and have advanced skills in knowing how to engage people who are looking to build.

Our focus is on converting more leads for your business.

No matter what time of the day (or night!) people visit your website, our team is online and ready to respond within seconds.

Your website already gives you a National and even a Global reach.  By offering 24/7 live chat, it becomes possible to communicate with international visitors who are perhaps thinking about investing or relocating to your location.

Yes, our home builder clients have received international enquiries and sold investment properties to a lead that was received by our live chat team well outside of traditional business hours!

Minimize Your Operating Costs

It goes without saying, running a business is expensive.  And the competitive building industry, it’s critical that you operate efficiently.

Advertising costs are always increasing, and being able to convert as much traffic into actionable leads can make the difference between your business growing, or not.

Top performing sales people are worth their weight in gold – But they need leads flowing in to keep them busy.

Not all leads are equal!  We focus on ensuring that the leads we send are qualified and ready to talk to your sales team.

The higher quality the lead, the less time your sales team spends chasing people that were never going to convert.

Focussing their time on quality leads means higher conversion rates, and more opportunities for growth.

Managing a sales and support team that only relies on phone calls is expensive, sales people can only handle one call at a time – This is inefficient and expensive.

Many times businesses find that their phone lines are tied up with people asking basic questions that don’t lead to an appointment being booked.

Our live chat team can assist your website visitors in real time, answering frequently asked questions and helping to capture qualified leads for your sales team to speak to and close!

With live chat, it’s possible to reduce fixed costs related to traditional customer service solutions, as well as expend your support hours.

A senior live chat agent can comfortably handle 3 concurrent chats, whereas even the most seasoned sales person can still only handle one phone call at a time.

Phone support will always be a critical inbound lead channel, but the addition of live chat means your sales team can receive more leads using the same (or less) resources!

Maintenance costs for live chat are drastically lower than phone support, our services start at less than 20 cents per hour!

Learn More About Live Chat for Home Builders!

A managed live chat solution on your site ensures that your visitors get 24/7 attention, so you can avail all possible opportunities to engage with customers.

Live Chat Monitoring are the expect in offering live chat for home builders, we offer fully managed live chat, as well as co-managed chat solutions.

This means that your own sales or customer service staff can receive live chat requests during office hours, and our team can handle the after-hours and weekend coverage.

Additionally, anytime your own team is online but is unable to respond, our team can step in to ensure that the customer receives a response within seconds – So you never miss an opportunity.

We can even customise the proactive invitations depending on which page the website visitor is currently on.

This way, you get to choose how to greet customers based on what they are currently viewing, or use the proactive message to let people know about a current promotion or important announcement.

This allows your Marketing team to align your live chat strategy with a potential buyer’s journey.  The result is a great customer experience, and a highly qualified lead for your team!

In addition to adding live chat to your website and landing page, you can also integrate live chat monitoring with Facebook to ensure that your Facebook followers can also talk to your business in real time.

And finally, you can count on us to deliver detailed reports about the best performing listings, so you know exactly what kind of properties and services generate the most interest.

You get to make smart business decisions while ensuring that your prospects and customers keep coming back to your website.

To know more about how we can help you capture more qualified leads for people wanting to build a new home, click on the Live Chat button on your bottom-left — we are always online!

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