Live Chat for Dentists – An essential tool for your website

live chat for dentists

Live chat for Dentists – An essential tool to grow your dental clinic!

Businesses these days are becoming increasingly customer-driven as they compete with each other to provide the best customer experience, live chat is a fantastic tool to give your dental clinic the edge.

A few years ago, regularly updating the website for your dental clinic wasn’t even on your radar.  But look at you now!

Not only do you have a website, but you’ve also done your best to make sure that it looks good, offers updated and correct information, and hooks visitors in.

But did you know that a website doesn’t have to be a one-way conversation?

That’s right!

With the right live chat software and an experienced live chat team on your side, your site’s visitors can talk to you directly while they browse.

Live chat offers an interactive customer service solution for your dental clinic, and provides customers with an engaging customer experience.

Incorporating chat into your website can help you improve conversion rates, as 77% of customers view a business more favorably if it allows for customer feedback and suggestions.

That’s why live chat has become an indispensable tool for dental websites to interact with patients and provide them with relevant information about your services.

Interestingly, it can also help you generate plenty of additional qualified leads.


Well, for starters, it’s easy and convenient to engage with a live chat agent.  Within seconds of landing on your website, your web visitors will see that your live chat team is online and ready to engage.

Within seconds of a question being submitted, our live chat experts are there to answer their queries, and take down their contact info for follow-up and one-on-one lead nurturing.

It’s no wonder that more than 41% of consumers have come to expect live chat should be available when they visit a website.

Our team can help you make sure that your website delivers according to their expectations. Your dental practice can benefit from live chat monitoring solutions that turn your website’s visitors into a stream of new patients.

Let’s see how you can deploy live chats in your dental practice to maximize your patients’ customer experience.

Greater Patient Loyalty

Live chat lets you offer prompt solutions to initial queries, which helps build trust and loyalty.

Our live chat team works with hundreds of Dentistal websites across the country, and we’re experts in building rapport with potential new clients so that they feel comfortable in submitting a lead for your internal team to follow up on.

Live chat is an effective way for dental websites to provide a way for patients to ask their initial questions and decide to become a new patient for your team.

This form of interaction and engagement between patients and a dental clinic promotes long-term goodwill, increased loyalty and helps you achieve a higher than average social media reviews.

Immediate Access To Information

One of the most significant benefits of having live chat is that customers don’t have to wait to call during business hours, or wait for a response to an online form they submitted hours ago.

According to research conducted by Bain and Company, it takes an average of 12 hours and 10 minutes business to reply to an online enquiry.

Given that people tend to submit multiple leads online, having someone available in real time to answer questions is essential in helping build rapport and trust.

Live Chat Monitoring assists dental clinics by allowing potential new patients ask their initial questions online, and an experienced live chat agent will respond within seconds to assist with frequently asked questions.

Many Dental websites provide a list of FAQs, however not all website visitors will find the answer they need – And some just want the ability to ask their question and have someone respond with the right answer.

An immediate, thorough response in these cases can help convert a passive website visitors into a high quality lead.

Live chat for dentists is an essential tool for growing your business.

Increase Foot Traffic To Your Clinic

When a new patient walks in off the street, usually they have already researched you online!

Your website and your online reputation have a direct impact on the number of new customers that will walk through the front door.

Even though your website may offer contact information and address, a personalized conversation is likely to build more trust between your dental clinic and the patient, making your service more approachable.

Adding interactive pop-ups in your chat, for example, a reminder for a “check-up,” can also go a long way in providing a reciprocal connection with your patients.

Having live chat available on your Dental website will prompt new patients to submit their details, or to book an online appointment with your team.

Live Chat for Dentists helps reduce expenses

Gone are the days of only offering customer service during traditional business hours.

Your website is open 24/7 so that people can visit at a time that’s convenient for them, so it’s important that you meet this with customer service that’s always available and responsive to the customers needs.

Managing phone calls round the clock also requires additional staff members’ to be available on rotation who can manage calls at all times.

Running a traditional phone support team after hours and on weekends is expensive, and it’s not a realistic option for most Dental professionals.

Live chat is an easy to implement and cost-effective solution that allows you to scale your customer support to meet your customers needs.

Live Chat Monitoring offers fully managed live chat for dental clinics for less than 20 cents per hour!

Our team are experts in providing live chat for Dentists, and are trained to handle frequently asked questions and convert opportunities into qualified leads.

Improving the Customer Experience

Live chat also allows your website visitors to give useful feedback that dental clinics can incorporate into improving their website content and marketing activites.

By reviewing the most common questions that your website visitors ask, it can help shape the way you market your Dental clinic and helps ensure you are responsive to key questions or concerns that people may have when they are considering becoming a new patient.

Analyzing FAQ’s and improving your website content helps builds a dialogue of trust and connection with the patients that makes it easier for them refer your services to their friends and family.

Ready To Invest In Managed Live Chat For Your Dental Clinic?

Live Chat Monitoring is the #1 provider of live chat for Dentists, our team works as an extension of your customer support team.

Our packages start from less than 20 cents per hour for a team of live chat agents who are experienced in working within the dental industry and know how to offer superior customer service.

Let us help you deliver all that and more!

Get in touch with us to learn more about live chat monitoring.

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