Live Chat for Law Firms

How Can Law Firms benefit from Live Chat Monitoring?

When a potential client is searching for legal representation, they’ll often visit multiple websites while looking for the right Attorney to contact.

In a hyper-competitive industry, Law firms are under ever-increasing pressure to provide quick and efficient responses to new leads and ensure they secure an appointment to assess the case.

Adding Live chat to your law firm’s website is one of the most dynamic ways of boosting engagement and increasing your online lead capture.

An experienced live chat agent can engage with passive website visitors as they browse through your website, and help qualify their interest in speaking with your team.

Live chat offers you the opportunity to answer their initial questions, concerns, and queries in real-time.

Anytime customers come onto your site looking for information about your product or service, you can make sure they get the right answers via live chat support.

Our live chat agents are experts in capturing leads for law firms.

Our team works with hundreds of Attorney websites across the country and we deliver thousands of qualified leads per day.

Quality leads come from engaged website visitors, and this results in great quality information being collected that will give your customer service team the ability to know your customers better, understand their pain points, and ultimately inform your business decisions.

Your law firm will benefit from using live chat to deliver an increase in high quality leads.

Let’s find out why customers prefer to work with law firms that offer a 24/7 law firm chat and explore how your law firm can benefit from this service.

Live Chat For Law Firms – Benefits For Clients

Live chat is an integral part of your customer service toolkit, providing customers with a platform to communicate with law firms and submit their queries when it’s convenient for them.

Live Chat Statistics 2020 (Editor’s Choice)

  • 79% of consumers prefer live chats because they offer instant responses.
  • Live chat has the highest consumer satisfaction rate at 92%.
  • 63% of consumers who used live chat on a website are likely to return to that site.
  • 42% of businesses think customers prefer phone support.
  • More than half of all chats come from mobile.
  • 70% of consumers prefer human agents to AI technologies.

Here are a few more reasons why your prospects and clients are more likely to return to your website if it offers a 24/7 law firm chat.

Live Chat Provides Immediate Responses

While live chat can provide the same solutions as a phone agent, it goes without saying that the speed of support is what makes it a popular choice legal firms and their potential clients.

According to research conducted by EConsultancy:

79% of consumers prefer live chat because it allows for immediate responses


46% of people voted live chat as the most efficient form of communication!

Especially for a law firm, live chat is an essential tool for assisting website visitors to have their initial questions answered so that they can choose to submit their details and arrange to speak with your team further.

Potential clients may find themselves in situations that are threatening to their financial or personal position.  In cases like these, they may need immediate assistance from a lawyer.

From the moment a client stumbles on your website, your firm should convey efficiency and security; and offering live chat on you website is a proven method to satisfy customers.

Plus, asking questions by live chat is faster than an email form submission and easier than making a call.

Build Better Relationships

If you’re looking to convert more of your website visitors, having 24/7 live chat monitoring is the best way to do so.

Something to consider:  A legal website without live chat is like having an office without a front desk!

Our live chat experts will engage website visitors in a conversation to uncover their needs, and we’ll answer frequently asked questions about your firm and how you may be able to assist them.

Our team acts as a front desk for your website, our role is to greet people who visit your website and give them the confidence to submit their details so your team can speak to them and discuss their needs.

Every live chat conversation also serves as a learning experience for your Marketing team.  Our live chat agents will help uncover the key questions that your website visitors ask, and this can help improve your marketing and website content.

We work in partnership with your firm to help assist visitors on your website to find the information they need to make an informed choice.  This creates goodwill and helps in customer retention.

Reasons For Your Law Firm To Invest In 24/7 Live Chat Monitoring

Now is the right time for your law firm to deploy live chat monitoring to communicate with prospective and existing clients in real-time.

If you’re spending money on Adwords, SEO, Facebook, or on local advertising, you’ll immediately benefit from adding live chat to your website.

For less than 20 cents per hour, we’ll provide a team of experienced live chat agents that will work 24/7 to ensure you receive as many qualified leads as possible.

We work with hundreds of law firms across the country, many of our clients report a 30-50% increase in leads from their website after adding live chat monitoring!

Improved Efficiency

Most law firms don’t have the resources to provide 24/7 support.

Even if there are rotational shifts, missed calls, or failure to forward calls to the right department can impact the business negatively.

Many of our clients find that around 50% of their website traffic is visiting their legal website outside of traditional business hours.  And that number is growing!  In 2021 it’s predicted to be closer to 60%.

When a potential client is searching for an Attorney, it’s important that  they find the answers they need – And when they land on your website it’s important to ensure that they are confident that your team can help!

Providing 24/7 phone support may not be realistic, but allowing website visitors to engage with an experienced live chat agent is something that you can put in place today.

An experienced law firm chat agent can respond immediately to initial questions, and can demonstrate the speed and efficiency of your customer support.

Reduction In Expenses

Law firms are finding that live chat is not only less expensive than alternatives but is also more feasible for your law firm.

Having a traditional phone service involves costly hardware, call agents training and onboarding expenses, and telephone bills.

These are needed for any business (of course!) but it’s expensive to operate after hours and on weekends.

Live chat software allows employees to multi-task and deal with multiple customers simultaneously.

For example, one live chat agent can deal with two or three customers at a time, helping you save on hiring and training costs of additional agents.

A Feedback System For Your Business

Managed live chat can work as a perfect feedback system to improve your existing service.

Unlike phone calls, conversations that take place via chat have transcripts that can be saved for future reference.

According to research, live chats are the easiest to organize and analyze compared to email conversations or recorded phone calls.

Administrators and HR managers have access to all the discussions and can easily search or filter customer queries.

This allows management to spot potential opportunities and discover the most common questions and queries from your website visitors.

To Conclude

Effective customer service can help you convert prospects, retain loyal clients, and increase the possibility of bringing in more paying clients when you target them quickly.

Live Chat Monitoring can make it easy for website visitors to ask questions anytime, and receive immediate responses.  This builds trust, and results in high quality leads being captured.

Ready to explore live chat monitoring for your law firm?

Contact us today and we’ll show you how we can help you increase your lead capture, and grow your business!

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