Live Chat Monitoring new website launch

It’s been a long count down to launching our new live chat monitoring website, and finally the day has come!

We are really excited to launch the new design, and even more excited to announce our new features.  Some of which are:

  • Facebook Integration:  Now you can turn your facebook fans into new sales leads!   Our live chat software can be integrated into your Facebook Page and allows people to chat to a real person (in real time!) and submit their enquiry details without having to leave Facebook.
  • Self Managed Operators:  We often get asked if people can monitor their own live chat during business hours, and then have us take over to handle enquiries after hours.  Well, now we can!    With our self managed operator option you can choose the number of operators you need, and you can sign in to receive chats whenever you’re available.   When you sign off, we’ll instantly take over so that you’re never offline.
  • Customisation:  Do you want to redesign our chat window to better match your website?  No problem!  We now have options available that allow you to customise the widget design, or we can do it for you.   Contact us for a free quote.

There’s a number of other live chat monitoring features to be released soon, stay tuned!    

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