Attracting Customers and Increasing Conversion with Live Chat Monitoring

Many website owners are still unsure on why they should install live chat software on their sites. Truth is, with each passing day that they contemplate, they waste a day of possible sales. So what are the amazing ways to make sure that the live chat works to your advantage?
1. Choose live chat software that is user friendly – and budget friendly. If you need a helping hand, make sure that it doesn’t eat up a big part of your budget, otherwise, even if your sales double up, a big chunk of it will just go to your monthly expenses.   Adding live chat software to your website should always be seen as an investment, and when done correctly the ROI is overwhelmingly positive!
2. A proactive live chat is better than an idle one. Once a chat pops up, the customer will immediately notice it and see the proactive message and are then encouraged to engage with you so you can answer their questions or enquiries.
3. Install it on your mobile phone. That way you won’t miss any sales opportunity. You can answer clients’ queries wherever you are and whatever you do. If they see that you are always online, you create an impression that you are trustworthy as a service provider.
4. Make it real and create a more personalised experience. No one likes talking to a machine. Instead of canned messages to answer customers’ queries, you should engage with them personally in a tone that’s friendly and receptive.
5. Choose a live chat software provider that goes an extra mile to provide you with detailed reports. The reports will help you ascertain your market. You will be able to get real time statistics showing your visitors locations, browsers and referring websites.   The reporting will also show you how the service is performing with statistics on usage and response times.
6. Make sure that you have a beautiful interface. Personalize your live chat complementing the colors, style and theme of your website and business.  This helps the live chat window seemly integrate with your site and gives visitors more confidence to engage.
7. Look for a reputable provider of live chat monitoring services to ensure you are online 24/7 and never miss out on an opportunity to engage with your website visitors.
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