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Home builders

In this article, we’ll explore why home builders need live chat.

There is one simple rule for thriving businesses these days: engage your customer!

After all, quality customer service is what keeps them coming back to you, not only helping you grow your trade but also spreading the word about your stellar services.

Your builders’ website is an integral part of this equation – consider it an online showroom for your business.

With live chat monitoring for home builders, it is possible to maximize the ROI of your website by increasing engagements and conversions from visitors who are already on your site.

Live Chat is your 24/7 online receptionist that’s always online, and helps ensure that your prospective clients always have someone to answer their queries.

That’s why, when it comes to providing a top-notch customer experience, live chat is a must-have for builders and developers!

And with our our managed Live Chat Monitoring service, you never have to worry about having recources available to handle chats, we do that for you!

Our experienced live chat agents are always online and ready to facilitate a meeting between your sales team and your website’s visitors.

We work with hundreds of home builders across the country, and our team of Senior Chat Agents are experts in converting website visitors into high quality leads for your sales team.

You can even customise the scripting to suit your Brand’s tone of voice, ensuring a consistent brand experience for the customer.

And that’s just the start!

Let’s see a few more reasons why deploying live chat monitoring on your website is a must-have for builders and property developers.

Get Actionable Leads That Are Ready To Convert

When a customer walks into your physical Showroom, Office, or Display Home – It’s common sense that one of your staff would greet them and offer them assistance if they have any questions.

But what about your website visitors? Who’s there to greet them and ask “How can we help?” – This is where we come in!

Instead of waiting and hoping that visitors to your website convert, our live chat team are trained to reach out and engage with your website visitors as an extension of your own team.

We’re always online (24/7!), and always ready to respond to chats within seconds.

Engaging visitors with live chat assistance is a brilliant way of knowing what exactly they are looking for, giving you a specific idea about the kind of properties that your customers are looking for.

This friendly and sales-related conversation increases conversion rates and serves as an essential tool to increase your leads, appointments, deposits, and ultimately grow your business month on month.

Furthermore, live chats are super helpful for potential clients who have visited your property and might have a question about the floor plan, the backyard, or other parts of the house.

Research shows that home buyers usually engage with 5-7 builders while researching different options before selecting who will build their dream home.

While the customer is sending leads to multiple builders and developers, live chat allows you to engage with your website visitors in real time, and provide immediate answers to their frequently asked questions.

An immediate response shows that you are responsive, professional, and trustworthy. This immediately sets you apart from your competitors, and helps lead to more appointments, and more referrals.

Live chat for builders websites creates an unbeatable Customer Experience

Live Chat is efficient and easy to manage – Our live chat team does all the work and we’ll send you qualified leads 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Your website is your online showroom, and unlike your physical showroom or display home – Your website never closes. So it’s important that you have staff available to respond to queries no matter what time they come in.

Having your own team available around the clock is expensive, and it’s not a realistic solution for most home builders.

With live chat monitoring, you can now have live chat agents that operate as an extension of your own sales team – For less than 20 cents per hour! 

Our live chat agents are speficically trained to work within the construction industry and ensure that customer queries are addressed promptly.

We help facilitate professional and efficient communication between property developers and clients, and our focus is on providing great customer experiences so that you receive a high-quality lead that’s excited to talk to you about how your can help build their ideal property.

Get A Deeper Understanding Of Your Ideal Customer

When a website visitor uses live chat, they are engaging with a real person in a live conversation where both parties can ask and answer questions.

This is very different than traditional online forms – Which tend to be passive and often only receive minimal input from the lead.

Our team receive intensive training in customer service and online engagement, which allows them to know how to generate detailed and high quality leads for your sales team.

As part of the onboarding process, we’ll work with you to develop custom scripting to suit your brand image. Our team will adapt to your individual brands’ image and tone of voice.

We’ll also customise the look and feel of our live chat software to suit your website design and your brands’ style and colours.

Our team works as an extension of your in-house sales and marketing team, and together we’ll review and optimise the scripting to ensure that the leads we captured are detailed, high quality, and ready for your sales team to convert.

Through our construction industry experience, and combined with advanced analytics it becomes easier to find out how long a visitor stays on your website, how they get there, and what they are looking for.

This can also help personalize your customer service. For example, our live chat agents may ask visitors if they’re looking for new properties in a particular area and direct them accordingly.

Customers often have specific demands, or maybe they are just there to compare prices or designs and plans.

An experienced live chat agent can help you know them better and distinguish between those looking actively to buy properties and the ones who are there just for some market research.

Talk Directly To Your Prospects And Increases Sales

Managed live chat is an extension of your sales and support team.

This prompt support helps build confidence in your property development services, making your site a valuable source of knowledge and helps build trust immediately.

A study by Forrester shows that there is an average increase of 10% in purchases and a 40% increase in conversion rate whenever customers interact with businesses over live chat.

But how does live chat for home builders affect sales conversions?

Imagine that there is someone on your website right now who is interested in one of your designs, but they aren’t confident in submitting an enquiry just yet.

What if they want to ask a few more questions to help them decide that you are the best builder for their needs – But they aren’t ready to pick up the phone, and don’t want to wait hours (or days!?) for a response to an enquiry form..

Or, what if it’s after office hours, and they simply can’t pick up the phone to get the answer they need? Without live chat, there’s no way for them to ask their question and submit their lead.

Our focus is on making sure that when your website visitors are researching home builders, your website is the one that has a fully trained team member online and ready to respond within seconds.

By answering questions in real-time for your website visitors, you’ve secured their loyalty for good because now they won’t have to go elsewhere to look for information.

Who wouldn’t want to work with a builder or developer that prioritizes the needs of their clients and offers immediate solutions?

Live chat for Home Builders is essential

It’s important to remember that for businesses in your niche, trust is a powerful precursor to sales.

And for prospects, it is easier to trust builders who offer appropriate and timely responses in a matter of minutes than those who take 24 hours to get back to them.

Providing 24/7 live chat monitoring gives you the speed that your clients are looking for, making it the preferred method of communication in this day and age.

Integrating a live chat feature as part of your business is no longer only a competitive advantage; it is a necessity!

To gain your customer’s trust and build a reliable connection with them is a great way to ensure that they buy your services and come back again in the future.

Besides, a good customer relationship goes a long way in getting positive reviews and feedback from your clientele.

You’ll find that happy clients leave positive reviews on Google, Facebook and on other review websites – Further building the trust and reputation for your brand, and helping you attract more new leads.

Yes, live chat can help you do all that and a lot more.

We are the #1 live chat provider for home builders and developers, and we’d love to show you how we can help you boost your conversion rate and sell more homes!

Contact us today to get started!

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