Outsourcing Your Live Chat – Here’s What You Need To Know

Outsourcing Your Live Chat – Here’s What You Need To Know

Tech innovations take place by the minute to offer us convenience, and one such blessing is the integration of live chat on websites.

The truth is: Customers hate being left in the dark. If they have a query, they want a response in 10 minutes or less (period).

An overwhelming number of businesses now offer live chat on their website and social media page to improve customer engagement and capitalize on business opportunities. If you don’t already have a live chat option for your website visitors, you’re missing out on potential leads and long-term customers. 

You cannot handle all customer queries on your own and that leaves you with two options — recruit an in-house team or outsource the service to a third-party.

Why Have Live Chat On Your Website 

You may have a good sales team, but are they able to engage all visitors on your website? 

There is no telling how much work one has to accomplish in a day. We all have our plates full — putting time aside to reply to each visitor can take a lot of time. 

That is where outsourcing companies like LiveChat Monitoring come in. A live chat feature is your best bet for one-on-one engagement with potential customers!

Don’t Worry! Customers don’t get annoyed with the live chat pop-up window. In fact, 91% of customers appreciate a live chat pop-up and feel it helps them make a purchase decision.

LiveChat Monitoring also collects useful data on demographics, which can help devise a better business strategy for the target population and keep them coming back. 

Around The Clock Support

Visitors love when they can reach out to a business 24/7 — and that is exactly what we offer! 

But if you go for an in-house team, will you keep your office running round the clock? Outsourcing your live chat can do wonders for your business. 

Won’t Burn A Hole In Your Pocket

Let’s delve into the specifics, if you have an in-house team you will need:

  • Arrangements to house the team 
  • Train them on customer service 
  • Buy equipment 

But if you outsource live chat to a credible service, it will take care of all curious visitors without burning a hole in your pocket. 

You have to pay as little as 20 cents per hour for a team of highly skilled agents. Isn’t that reasonable?  

From Initial Engagement To A Confirmed Lead 

You have to be cautious when reaching out to potential customers online — you want to appear as a trustworthy source there to guide you. 

The analytics report compiled by LiveChat Monitoring helps convert more leads. It gives a comprehensive view on:  

  • Geographic location of visitors 
  • Most visited pages 
  • Number of times a visitor has been on your website 
  • Bounce rate for each page 

We Have Your Back

If you handle customer service on your own, chance are you are knee-deep in work and often are not able to reach out to potential customers on time. 

A customer may feel ignored and choose your rival — just because of a delay in response on your part. 

With LiveChat Monitoring, our agents will engage, answer queries, and guide customers toward closing a deal with your business.

Think of all the visitors you can capitalize on and sell your product or service to. Once you are done for the day our live chat will remain active — and be at your service 24/7.

Interested? Let’s Activate Live Chat 

You can focus on everyday business operations with our quality live chat service. We make sure that all customer queries are answered, and visitors are engaged to purchase your product or service. 

So why wait? Sign up for the service and we will send a javascript code — and within 30 seconds our live chat feature will be integrated on your website!

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