Improve Your Website Conversion Rates with Live Chat

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In today’s digital world, a website is the ultimate conversion tool for any business. 

Marketers and developers alike have tried over the years to identify the best ways to keep visitors on the website and lead them to take action through powerful branding, messaging, or an intuitive flow. 

But, after doing all these — what is a good website conversion rate

A website conversion rate is used as a reference for how many people visiting your website actually turn into customers or leads. This data helps us better craft our strategies and insist on the ones that truly bring results. 

Surprisingly, a successful website conversion rate sounds lower than you’d imagine. Studies show that the average landing page conversion rate was 2.35%. There are pages that rank above 10%, but this requires a different strategy.

During the following paragraphs, we’ll introduce you to a different approach that can boost your website conversions and improve your overall brand perception.

Because everything is so automated and digital nowadays, professionals tend to forget one aspect — people crave interactions and conversations that can really meet their needs. Therefore, this tool is best for tackling your visitors’ demands: we’re talking about live chat software, and more specifically — conversions with live chat.

These are the major factors for why live chat is important for your website conversions and overall customer experience:

  1. Live Chat Keeps Your Visitors Longer on the Website
  2. Personalised Experience with Advanced Targeting
  3. Proactive Conversations That Automatically Generate Leads

Live Chat Conversations Keep Your Visitors Longer on the Website

Engaging your visitors in an informative conversation with live chat is one trick to keep them longer on your website, and here’s why:

A chat window is one of the most trusted contact mediums

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There are a lot of contact and support methods out there, but people tend to prefer the live chat window to the detriment of the rest, due to its instant responses. In fact, it is leading the way in customer engagement with 41 percent of preferences, followed by the traditional phone call with 32%, and email with 23%.

Live chat software allows you to communicate with prospects, leads, and customers more quickly than ever before. Most often than not, website visitors don’t care about how quickly you can say, “Hello, how may I assist you?”. They are more convinced by how fast customer support agents can solve their problems, and this is the aspect that ensures a competitive edge for companies with live chat software.

Improving Customer Satisfaction

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There is nothing more frustrating than encountering a problem and not being able to resolve it due to poor customer service or poor customer support software. In fact, one of the most common issues with support is having the same questions repeated, without understanding customers’ difficulties.

With live chat support in customer service, there is more control over these issues, as the support team has the same access to the chat conversations, and they can show true interest in the website visitors’ concerns.

It can give a significant upgrade in customer satisfaction, and when done right, you can convert large amounts of visitors into paying customers. In fact, with live chat agents, you can generate between 4 and 8 more leads from your website.

Live Chat Software Offers a Seamless Experience

One of the most important aspects of live chat software is that it is directly integrated into your website, with no need for website visitors to leave the page. When using a third-party application that forces your users to engage in a different experience, it often leads to frustration, and they abandon their journey.

With a chat window implemented on a specific page (or more, depending on the case), you can ensure a seamless experience and therefore keep them on your website. 

Also, with the rise of mobile usage, the need for a seamless experience is even more articulated and plays a vital role in customer satisfaction. People prefer to look for reviews on their phones than approach physical stores, and it is best to provide them with the right assistance in doing so.


Personalised Experience with Advanced Targeting

Live chat software is a highly adaptable and cost-effective solution to provide exceptional customer satisfaction throughout the whole customer journey. 

The visitors’ journey on your website represents qualitative data to use for further customer engagement. For example, if you’re witnessing a certain ping-pong-ing between 2 pages, you can intuit what that user is looking for or has stumbled upon, and enable chat conversations with him.

Nothing ensures a better customer experience and drives conversions on your website than offering personalised and spot-on support. For example, in eCommerce, 53% of cart abandonment happens because customers aren’t able to find answers to their queries.

Websites with live chat software are able to target their users on the right pages and offer a personalised experience at best. 

If you don’t want or need to implement live chat conversations on all your website pages, a smart move is to add it to the pages with the most activity or where your users have the highest number of questions and concerns. 

In fact, advanced live chat software can help you with identifying these website users’ behaviour and the most common issues. This represents solid ground for your strategy and approach — enabling strong methods of interacting with them.

Proactive Conversations That Automatically Generate Leads

There are times (quite many, we can say) when your website visitors don’t know exactly what they want, and live chat software is the right tool to get them going. Proactive Greetings as they’re called, represent a vital method to generate leads with just a chat window.

There are many ways in which you can set up these greetings, that can appear before your visitors truly interact with the support team. From the time they spend on the page to the type of page they’re on, you can predefine special triggers with live chat software and therefore automatically assist your visitors in need. Think of them like shop assistants — they check in with your customers to see the status of their interaction and level of interest.

Interacting with someone from the company they are considering purchasing a product or service is a defining aspect for consumers and their purchase decisions. What matters most is the experience they have with your company, and you’d be surprised to find out that customers don’t like to reach out to companies, they prefer it the other way around.

Drive the Ultimate Conversions with Our Live Chat Software

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When clients utilise live chat software frequently, it provides various advantages to businesses. By routing easier conversations through a chat window, it can free up agents to take more live calls with shorter wait times.

Agents can handle many conversations at the same time, responding to one while waiting for responses in others. Most importantly, it introduces a new communication channel, allowing more consumers to interact with assistance in their preferred manner and benefit from real-time support.

Moreover, when clients and site visitors use this communication channel frequently, these perks will yield the best results and you can easily monitor customer engagement. The most effective strategy to enhance customer engagement is to establish a platform that is worth engaging with. Using a fast, intuitive platform like live chat software and staffing a chat channel with quality human support, like courteous employees can make all the difference.

With Live Chat Monitoring, you can achieve all these and drive the utmost conversions on your website. Contact us if you want access to the best live chat software with support resources to take your customer interaction to another level!

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